The Slow Seduction of Claire MacDonald



The Slow Seduction of Claire MacDonald by Marcus Andrews
Tony Andretti has had a good summer. He graduated in the top three of his class at MIT; he sold the rights to a series of web search algorithms he developed for over eight million dollars; and he spent the past few weeks in a torrid and intense S&M relationship where he became Master to his mother’s beautiful best friend, Rebecca.
But the summer’s over, and it’s now time for Tony to leave the US and take up his PhD studies in the UK. The problem is that Rebecca has reset his idea of what constitutes a great sexual relationship, and their sub/Dom game heated-up so quickly that Tony is now desperate to find a girl his own age that he can begin to train.
Finding such a girl isn’t easy, and for a while Rebecca is able to make occasional business trips to the UK so they can keep the excitement between them alive. But it’s Rebecca who finally tells Tony what he fears the most ” that there’s no future to their relationship, and he needs to focus on finding a new slave.
One evening Tony locks eyes with a girl in the university bar ” a beautiful, delicate slice of English beauty that he knows instantly to be The One. But he also knows that a girl as pure and gentle as Claire MacDonald has to be seduced”sensually, tenderly, and above all slowly.
This story is told in alternating chapters”one thread describing the summer in which Tony and Rebecca have their torrid S&M adventure in a cabin in upstate New York. The other thread tells the story of the Slow Seduction of Claire MacDonald, and the surprising fantasies that Tony discovers in the mind of this beautiful young sub.
Includes: Bondage, roleplay, posture collars, whipping, nipple clamps, piercings, electroplay, lesbian scenes and so much more.

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