The Sting Operation & Other Tails – ebook

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The Sting Operation and Other Tails, Spanking Stories by Ardie Stallard

A blush of fresh stories for the well-read who enjoy the thought of being well-red or at least well-reddening—specifically designed to make the reader feel warm in all the right places. Includes stories of Miss Jordyn Hunter, a young, sexy DEA agent working undercover to infiltrate a Breaking Bad-style high-school drug ring—assuming the character of a juvenile delinquent gives credence to her disguise; Samantha, a thoroughly well-behaved, intelligent and mannerly girl discovers more than a few pleasures in occasionally being naughty and the discipline that follows; Christie, who always winds up across the laps or the sofas—or for that matter, the pool tables and exam tables—of her favorite friends; Lady Molly, who gives the most arrogant and uncouth British aristocrat lessons in bad manners and learns a valuable lesson from a heavy-handed servant; and finally Felicia Culbertson, Joe Guthrie, and the rest of the cast of Switch, in a short-story-long sequel to the novel—which serves as a prequel to their further adventures and misadventures.

Includes: M/f Spanking, Discipline, Erotica, Bi-Curiosity and Ass Play

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