The Story of Ju-Won


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The Story of Ju-Won by Paul Preston

Tricked by the promise of a scholarship to study in America, the pretty young Ju-Won is taken from her home in South Korea to the rainy streets of Portland, Oregon. Mamasan, the manager of Lucky Flower, an illegal massage parlor, wants her to give “happy endings’ to her customers. With no lodging or money, and in debt to the company that paid her travel expenses, Ju-Won has no choice but to become a masseuse and sex worker for Lucky Flower.

During a sexual encounter with a corrupt policeman she calls Nasty Eyes, she finds herself aroused when placed in bondage and dominated. She then enters into a Dom/sub relationship with a charming and wealthy real estate broker who buys Ju-Won’s freedom, only to indulge in his own fetish of watching her give pleasure to multiple men. The two travel to LA where she performs sex acts for her Dom’s pleasure and profit before he finally abandons her back in Portland at Lucky Flower. On her return to the massage parlor, Nasty Eyes rescues her from a police raid, and she ends up in the hospital where she meets Dr Kang, a kindly psychiatrist. He offers her a place to stay and conventional life. But is that what she really wants? Will Ju-Won finally find her own, very happy ending?

Includes M/f, submission, bondage, collar, cuffs, whips, paddles, punishment, spanking, humiliation, oral, anal and group sex.

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