The Storyteller



The Storyteller by D.P. Adamov
Storyteller is an uncanny combination of horror tales and erotic spanking literature. The Twilight Zone meets Fifty Shades of Gray.
Carla is a producer of erotic spanking films and books, yet the hidden source to her fame lie sin a mysterious set of match covers. When a crusading do-it-yourself evangelist condemns her starting an adult store in a small Ohio community, the pair meet and when discovering Carla’s secrets, her nemesis gets more than he bargained for.
Vampires, demons, mad women, aliens and cursed paintings all have stories to tell in ten tales of erotic horror. The best of adult discipline emerges too with old reliable implements such as the belt, the paddle, the hairbrush and more. Emotions run high, the screams are many and the bottoms are red.
When Carla’s critic learns the haunted background of her success, his own ghosts come back to torment him. In the end, poetic justice is seen, with the accuser becomes the accused and has some hidden fetish interests of his own.
Storyteller offers just the right amount of sex, spanking scenes and story line to make a great read in a highly original setting.
A young woman receives a visit from her imaginary friend from childhood and just as belief in him was once spanked out of her by an irate father, it is spanked right back into her with a brutal hairbrushing. A vampire and his mortal girlfriend share in mutual s/m interests. A painting from an antique shop possesses a young couple and drives them to explore their darkest fetishes. A sexual guidance counselor who relishes spanking his clients ends up being more than he seems. The pants come down and the bare bottoms turn crimson again and again in an assortment of brooding tales.
Ten chilling and butt-blistering tales lead to a grand finale of epic proportions in this highly-original piece of work.

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