The Summer of Love


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Summer Of Love…My Submissive Awakening by Lizbeth Dusseau

Susanna Foukhart’s sexual emancipation begins with free love in a walk-up flat with her hippie lover and his musician friends. Taking the name Asia Rain, from a poem by J.T. Greenway, she finds her new world filled with far more than she expected, as this innocent girl becomes the willing property of her boyfriend, Corey. He uses her, spanks her and gives her away to his friends.

But when their affair turns sour, Susanna splits, and makes her way to J.T. Greenway’s doorstep. The lusty, gritty and no-nonsense poet has no use for this foolish brat, but she insists he take her under wing. When he finally agrees to let her stay, he becomes not just her mentor, but a domineering sexual master. He turns her into his sex slave there to to serve his every need. Taking control of her every minute, he throws her darkest passions before her and trains her to enjoy them. This novel of ‘innocence awakened’ includes birches, canes and graphic spanking, plus the many erotic variations of masters and slaves including bondage, multiple partners, anal sex & exhibitionism. A fiery hot S&M Romance.

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