The Supplication of the Male Pig – ebook



The Supplication of the Male Pig by Chris Bellows
Heir to one of America’s great fortunes, David Farnsworth Smythe lives lavishly and licentiously. As far as David is concerned, the privilege of wealth is to squander vast sums on young women willing to capitulate to his sordid sexual penchants and completely debase themselves for money… and his pleasure. But when it comes time to inherit his billions, David draws the attention of the clever and Dominant Heather MacDougall, a woman with whom no man should trifle. Nor should any male cross her beautiful and accomplished team of female bodyguards and torturers… all dedicated to relieving David of every last inherited dollar.
An action thriller of intrigue, coercion, theft by deception, torture, and duplicity, as the powerful Ms. MacDougall and her accomplices subdue, humiliate and squash into submission this repugnant male. For aficionados of Female Dominance and the abject subjugation of the male.
Scenes of bondage, intense CBT, sensory deprivation, psychological control, electro stimulation, caning, strap on play, extreme body modification and more, combine to make this one of Chris Bellows’ most entertaining stories.

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