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The Tabitha Collection



The Tabitha Collection by Robin Wilde

Newly Expanded Edition of a Femdom Classic!

Tabitha’s Tease

Robin is one of the first males at the all-girl Valentine Academy. When he’s caught spying on three cheerleaders, he’s forced to strip and masturbate for their pleasure while they mock his helpless humiliation. Soon he’s dragged away and held prisoner by the Tau Zeta Rho sorority and their leader, the formidable beauty Tabitha. Tabitha and her ‘trainers’ decide to keep their victim as a new sex-pet, turning him into a defenseless slave. Though he’s continually stimulated and at the brink of orgasm, he’s never allowed to cum. When Tabitha later chains Robin naked to a bicycle rack in front of the student union, he’s exposed to the humiliation of the entire school. Though he manages to free himself, he abruptly falls into the clutches of the cheerleaders from rival Honey College. These buxom beauties continue his torment with a cold shower, pinching, tickling, a paddling gauntlet and the humiliation of being forced to dress as a French maid, his sexual services auctioned to gangs of drunken cheerleaders. It appears that the luckless Robin’s torment will never end once these savage females take charge.

Tabitha’s Tickle

Robin’s back at the wicked Tau Zeta sorority! This time, he’s joined by Bobby, the ill-fated boyfriend of Sharon, who’s been invited to join the Tau Zeta Rho sorority as a new Valentine cheerleader. While Sharon and Bobby unpack her things, they stop to enjoy a sexy interlude, until three sexy cheerleaders interrupt ” just as Bobby is on the brink of orgasm. His orgasm has to wait. It’s time for Sharon to meet Tabitha! While she’s escorted away, the cheerleaders take charge of Bobby, leaving him helplessly aroused, utterly humiliated and unfulfilled. And why not? Sharon has given Bobby to the Tau Zetas as part of her initiation. When later, Bobby sneaks away to jack off on the sly, he’s caught, blackmailed, cruelly teased, then shackled to a bench for two more Valentine cheerleaders to torture.

Meanwhile, Tabitha turns the tables on Count Felipe de la Roche, a student of sex magick, who plans to use her as his experimental sex toy. However, it’s soon the Count in shackles, not Tabitha. Sharon’s Femdom education begins with the Count and continues with the other shackled males in Tau Zetas dungeons.

As the power hungry Tabitha dabbles in the occult, she unleashes terrifying new miseries for her captive victims, culminating in a night of exotic costumes, black magic, strange sex and bizarre rituals at a kinky costume party. Sexy sadistic cheerleaders, tease, torture and manipulate male victims. Also includes, electroshock, orgasm denial, CBT, public humiliation, anal, orgies and more.

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Robin stumbled to his knees in the cold dungeon. Hard rock cut into his flesh. Girlish fingers removed the blindfold, but left the rest of the shackles on. His heart pounded; his bobbing cock betrayed his humiliating need.

A small room lit with a single bulb served as an antechamber to the strange and frightening world that lay below him. A narrow stone staircase dropped into darkness. And there was a gatekeeper, the mistress of this dungeon.

The gatekeeper was a flame-haired temptress with piercing green eyes, wearing a micro-length red leather miniskirt and matching red fishnet hose under knee high red leather stiletto-heeled boots. Her thick, red lipstick gave her a pouty, yet demanding mouth. Around her neck she wore a studded leather collar. Her tight yellow tank top was cut low, revealing the swell of her breasts and hard, jutting nipples. A black leather belt held a paddle and handcuffs, part of the uniform for trainers and guards in this strange underground world. Outside this fantastic environment he would have imagined her as a stripper, or a porno actress.

The gatekeeper slowly looked Robin up and down in a calculating fashion, put her hand under his chin, and pulled him to his feet. “So this is our mascot trainee,” she said, inspecting him as if he were a dog or a horse. She squeezed his upper arm to measure his muscle. She stroked a gloved hand over his flanks. “Hmmm. Not bad, but requires some toning.” Robin remained at rigid attention during the inspection, scared, heart beating fast, as the redhead’s strong perfume inflamed him. The cruel smile on her face boded no good.

Finally, she walked back behind her desk and sat down. “Let me explain the rules to you. I run this dungeon. Call me Mistress Amber. You are a trainee, not even a slave yet. You’re here to please, and I’m here to make sure you learn how to please. Let me explain it to you. You see, boys have thought for a long time that they were the boss. Women existed for their pleasure. They thought they had the right to make those cocks shoot off wherever, whenever, and in whomever they chose. Isn’t that what you want? For me to take that cock in my mouth or my pussy and work it until great gobs of come fly out? Answer me.”

“Y-yes, Mistress Amber,” he whispered. It was very much what he wanted. His cock demanded attention, craved it.

Amber laughed. It was not a friendly sound. “Women have always known better. We get power when you don’t get what you want. You see, when a boy can’t spurt whenever he wants, he gets much more reasonable. So we’ve started to call the shots.

“This is where we train boys to be toys. Toys for girls to play with. Toys to please girls. We’ve been doing this for years. We started by taking boyfriends of some of the girls on campus and training them to be totally subservient to their partner’s needs. Now, with boys of our own, we’re starting to train them to serve as slaveboys.

“We’ve decided that you would make a good slaveboy, lover. When we decided to admit boys, we didn’t have in mind to let you take over. You’re here for us to practice on. Our girls have to learn how to handle a man, how to break him to harness. You’ll be very useful. Our girls will experiment on you, learn how to break a man down, how to make him beg, how to make him a piece of property. But before we can let some of our novices practice on you, we have to train that cock of yours so that it doesn’t spurt unless we want it to. And we have to train you to be responsive to all our pleasures. Of course, there are regular pleasures and… pleasures…” Mistress Amber smiled wickedly.

“Kelly and Candice are trainers,” she continued. “They’re going to train you to be a sex toy. That means you’ll be used and abused purely for the pleasure of whoever owns you. Now after all the generations men have been on top, it’s fair that you’ll be on bottom. Isn’t it?” She tapped the leather-clad toe of her boot on the cold stone floor, silently demanding a response. He nodded, speechless at the prospect that loomed before him. “Isn’t it?” she demanded, a little sharper this time.

“Y-yes, Mistress Amber,” he stuttered.

“Now for the rules. Trainees must always have hard cocks, and they are never allowed to have orgasms. Slaves only have orgasms when their mistresses permit, which isn’t very often. You’re going to be in training for one week if you behave and cooperate. That means you might get an orgasm by Halloween if you’re lucky. But that’s not guaranteed.

“There’s really no way to escape. Attempts to escape, disobedience, or an illegal orgasm will earn punishment. Punishment at a minimum will mean an indefinite delay of orgasm. You don’t want to know what the maximum might mean. Of course, your mistresses can punish you for any reason, or even no reason. Do you understand?”

Robin was stunned. How had he ever gotten himself into this mess? “Wait a minute. I-I really don’t think I can go through with this. Please let me go and I’ll never tell anyone, I promise.”

Mistress Amber stood up, picking up her paddle. “No!” Robin cried, struggled to his feet, and tried to run, but stumbled in his leg restraints. Candice and Kelly grabbed him. “Bend over,” Amber ordered. He struggled, but the superior strength of two girls combined with his bondage made the attempt futile. He was quickly bent over, ass exposed, then   the first blow of the paddle landed on his upturned ass. Five more hard spanks followed. His ass was red, it felt on fire. Tears sprang to his eyes as Candice and Kelly lifted him back up.

“Bad boy,” Amber cooed, stroking his face with her hand. “Remember, disobedience will be punished. Behave yourself and cooperate. You really don’t have a choice. Besides, you may learn to enjoy it.”

“Y-yes, Mistress,” he whimpered.

She opened a cabinet and brought out a sealed packet of white powder. Emptying it into a water glass, she stirred it and held it to his lips. “Drink up,” she smiled. Helplessly, he obeyed.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Just a little training aid we developed. A little Ecstasy, a little LSD, some THC, some ginseng, and a few other things one of our graduates, a psychologist, dreamed up.” She giggled. “Makes you very cooperative and amenable.” Amber turned to the other girls. “Well, that’s it for now. He’s all yours. Take him below and have fun!” Flirtatiously, she kissed Robin. The touch of leather against his cock drove him crazy. “Enjoy yourself…your mistresses sure will.”


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