The Tabitha Collection



The Tabitha Collection by Robin Wilde
Newly Expanded Edition of a Femdom Classic!
Tabitha’s Tease
Robin is one of the first males at the all-girl Valentine Academy. When he’s caught spying on three cheerleaders, he’s forced to strip and masturbate for their pleasure while they mock his helpless humiliation. Soon he’s dragged away and held prisoner by the Tau Zeta Rho sorority and their leader, the formidable beauty Tabitha. Tabitha and her ‘trainers’ decide to keep their victim as a new sex-pet, turning him into a defenseless slave. Though he’s continually stimulated and at the brink of orgasm, he’s never allowed to cum. When Tabitha later chains Robin naked to a bicycle rack in front of the student union, he’s exposed to the humiliation of the entire school. Though he manages to free himself, he abruptly falls into the clutches of the cheerleaders from rival Honey College. These buxom beauties continue his torment with a cold shower, pinching, tickling, a paddling gauntlet and the humiliation of being forced to dress as a French maid, his sexual services auctioned to gangs of drunken cheerleaders. It appears that the luckless Robin’s torment will never end once these savage females take charge.
Tabitha’s Tickle
Robin’s back at the wicked Tau Zeta sorority!This time, he’s joined by Bobby, the ill-fated boyfriend of Sharon, who’s been invited to join the Tau Zeta Rho sorority as a new Valentine cheerleader. While Sharon and Bobby unpack her things, they stop to enjoy a sexy interlude, until three sexy cheerleaders interrupt ” just as Bobby is on the brink of orgasm. His orgasm has to wait. It’s time for Sharon to meet Tabitha! While she’s escorted away, the cheerleaders take charge of Bobby, leaving him helplessly aroused, utterly humiliated and unfulfilled. And why not? Sharon has given Bobby to the Tau Zetas as part of her initiation. When later, Bobby sneaks away to jack off on the sly, he’s caught, blackmailed, cruelly teased, then shackled to a bench for two more Valentine cheerleaders to torture.
Meanwhile, Tabitha turns the tables on Count Felipe de la Roche, a student of sex magick, who plans to use her as his experimental sex toy. However, it’s soon the Count in shackles, not Tabitha. Sharon’s Femdomeducation begins with the Count and continues withthe other shackled males in Tau Zetas dungeons.
As the power hungry Tabitha dabbles in the occult, she unleashes terrifying new miseries for her captive victims, culminating in a night of exotic costumes, black magic, strange sex and bizarre rituals at a kinky costume party. Sexy sadistic cheerleaders, tease, torture and manipulate male victims.Also includes, electroshock, orgasm denial, CBT, public humiliation, anal, orgies and more.

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