The Truth About Marianne


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The Truth About Marianne by Lizbeth Dusseau
Marianne’s carefully fabricated life begins to crumble, when memories from her decadent past suddenly trigger a sexual obsession she cannot shake. As she recalls her days as a love slave to two Dominant men, her respectable life as the wife of a University professor is soon filled with hours masturbating to memories of the bondage, punishment and sex she endured as a naïve and willing submissive. That was ten years ago, half a world away. She has a new country now, and a new name, and damning secrets she doesn’t dare make known. Unable to hide her obsession from her husband, Thomas, she finally confesses – at least half the truth. Not knowing how to handle his wife’s sexual fixation, Thomas takes her to see his colleague, Friedrich Max – an expert on unusual sexual practices. Unbeknownst to Thomas, the coolly handsome Friedrich is also an accomplished sexual master, able to stir the sexual juices of most any submissive female – including Marianne.
Thomas gives his wife to Friedrich for a weekend, and then later an entire week, during which the master and his associates test her endurance for pain and humiliation, while exploring her willingness to sexually submit. Friedrich even insists that she surrender to the anal training she fears the most – an exercise that creates a deep bond between the master and sub. Friedrich finds a surprisingly compliant and needy sex slave in Thomas Ridgeway’s wife. But Marianne is scared that her life and her marriage will shatter if she continues with ‘the treatment’. She swears never to go back, and tries to resume her life as the prim and proper University wife…
That is, until her former lover, Miklos, tracks her down and insists – to the point of blackmail – that she become his slave again. Marianne knows now that her web of lies is about to collapse. Her marriage is doomed and so is her husband’s career, unless she can act swiftly to save him. Giving in to Miklos may be her only choice – unless Friedrich can find it in him to help her when she runs to him begging on her knees.
Exploring the submissive female mind and its drive to satisfy its powerful demands, this compelling novel includes in its graphic S&M: bondage, gagging, whipping, slave training, enemas, anal and oral sex, forced copulation, imprisonment, piercing, branding, and sexual humiliation before an audience.

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