The Vanata & The Skald – ebook



The Vanata and the Skald by Harp Strathe

For five years, Mal and Tess meet as children outside the gates of the Northern Keep. When Mal is forced to leave, they promise to return on a certain date. Ten years later, Mal comes back and thinks the girl he remembers was only in his imagination. But he learns that he’s wrong when Tess arrives at the Northern Keep in search of him and is captured by the Usur Guard. Mal learns that she’s a Vanata, a human hybrid and a member of the planet-bound rebels. Mal is now the skald, destined the rule the Vanata world, and they’re on opposite sides of a war. Even so, he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

Tess’s lips were soft under his, her breasts soft against his chest, her cunt soft around his cock, for a moment feeling like he was sinking into her. Tess.” His breathing was deep, his heart pounding, looking down at her. She was not human, not fully. She just wasn’t. He’d never experienced sex-pleasure like that. 

Includes Maledom BDSM, non-consent, erotic torture, sex-slaves, training, punishment, impact-play, anal.

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