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The Velvet Cage


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The Velvet Cage by Peter Moon
Be Careful What You Wish For…
Hoping to fulfil the darker side of his personality, Philip answers an intriguing personal ad in his local paper. This results in him surrendering to a mysterious and beautiful woman, who promises to realise his desire to be dominated.
But all is not as it appears. There is a catch. In fact there are several. Nevertheless, hopelessly infatuated, Philip does not have to be persuaded to proceed. And proceed he does, joining a select band of unwitting followers, prepared to risk everything to be with the lady in question.
His liaison with the woman is by design destined to be a fleeting one. However, despite it leaving him shattered and yearning for more, it is richly rewarding in its own short and painful way.
Philip’s introduction ” and indeed, induction ” is only part of a complex storyline that contains several twists and surprises. As the reader is to discover, wherever the woman goes, pain and regret follows. Her husband, her personal assistant and her lover all succumb in various forms. And ultimately the principal character herself finds she is not immune from the web of intrigue and darkness she has woven.
Primarily a femdom tale, this novel contains intense scenes of whipping, surrender, spanking and caning. There are also scenes depicting sex and some mild maledom.

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