The Very Wicked Stepmother – ebook


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The Very Wicked Stepmother by Imelda Stark

A French dominatrix inherits a vast fortune when her husband dies of a stroke while ‘in flagrante delicto’ with his forceful new wife. She decides to use her wealth to create a private BDSM paradise on an isolated peninsula jutting into Lake Tahoe. Her gorgeous identical twin stepdaughters are more than enthusiastic to join the enterprise, especially after they recruit a handsome football player who is quite happy to be topped by two athletic college seniors. A submissive French Maid and a dominant statuesque blonde Danish house manager are recruited, along with an adorable Algerian cook, a handsome Brazilian swimsuit model, and a roughhewn young ex-Mormon handyman with an enormous cock and an insatiable desire to please women. The final piece put into place is a submissive classic Irish beauty who provides bodywork when not being spread-eagled and spanked while being sexually enjoyed by the whole group. Many complicated and steaming hot scenes ensue as the Peninsula is sealed off from a world lost in the pandemic lockdown of 2020. Includes F/m with some M/f, male and female subs, lots of spanking, anal play, breast, ball, and pussy punishment.

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