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The Warden’s Woman by Charles Arnold

Mary’s happy life is turned on end when her husband Joseph is caught embezzling $250,000 from the bank where he works. Although his brother, the powerful Judge Abadon, could easily ‘pull a few strings’, Joseph is sentenced to 20 years at Stormville prison, where the huge, gruff black man, Lucifer Pigeon, is now the Warden. While the judge graciously takes care of Mary’s financial needs, what she doesn’t realize is that her husband was framed, part of Judge Abadon’s elaborate scheme for Mary and her two daughters, Angel and Faith. He’ll give the beautiful Mary to the warden, take Angel as his wife, and handover Faith to his repulsive teenage son.

Before her first visit with Joseph, Mary meets Warden Pigeon in his office. One look at her prim attire and he sends her home. If she wants to see her husband, she’ll dress ‘right’; in a sheer blouse, short tight skirt and fuck-me shoes. Though the devoutly religious Mary instantly objects, within days she caves to the warden’s demands. However, Lucifer’s demands don’t end there. Before she sees Joseph, she’ll show the warden her wet pussy; kiss his cock; and clean his house, controlled by his bitchy 18 year old daughter Shauna, who will turn the older woman into a personal sex toy for herself and her teenage friends. The depth of Mary’s depravity is soon revealed. However, as much as she’s shamed and humiliated, she cannot deny the sexual lust that begins to bloom. She’s wet, aroused and suddenly able to climax, when she never could before.

However, as Mary’s eyes open on a new world of sex and lust, her daughters face the grim reality of the Judge’s plans for their future. To save themselves, they concoct a risky scheme to end the judge’s fierce hold on their lives.

Charles Arnold returns with a new novel in the tradition of his best-selling The Sweet Wife and The Penitent . A frank and graphic D/s novel featuring coercion, blackmail, humiliating scenes of sexual submission, exhibitionism, multiple partners, oral, straight, lesbian and interracial sex.

Note: all characters in this novel are 18 years or older.

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Mary’s fingers trembled as she unfastened the top button. She tried to move quickly hoping to get it over with in a hurry but he stopped her. “Hey, not so fuckin fast Mrs. Abadon. Do it slow and easy, pause and look up at me, wet your lips, tease me.” He put a huge hand between his legs and squeezed his hardening cock.

After every third button Mary stopped to look at him and to circle her red lips with the tip of her tongue. Her nipples had stiffened and she could feel the warm secretions moistening her vagina. When the final button had been unfastened, she stood up straight. Except for the opening in front, the dress still covered most of her body. “Now,” Lucifer said, “take it off your shoulders. Let it fall on the floor.” She hesitated, balling her hands into tight fists and holding back the tears. After a moment, she lifted her hands to her shoulders and pushed the dress off them. It fell with a little swishing sound and gathered at her feet.

Lucifer leaned back in his chair and studied her with narrowed eyes. “I always suspected you had a great little body under them old lady dresses you wore, but I gotta say it’s better than I thought.” He leaned forward, “Look at me.” She did. “It’s a fuckin lot better than I thought.” For an instant it occurred to her that she was relieved, even pleased that he found her desirable. “Now,” he demanded, “turn around and show me your ass.” She’d never stood before her husband like this. Even when they made love it was in the dark. He’d never seen her in the shower just as she had never seen him. ‘Here I am,’ she thought, ‘except for these obscene shoes, standing naked before a huge black degenerate completely naked.’

He nodded when she turned again to face him. “Nice ass,” he said. “Most white women got flat asses. You got a nigger woman’s ass. A bubble ass.”

The warden made her stand in front of him for several more minutes then with a wave of his hand said, “Okay, you earned your visitation rights, even shaved your cunt like I told you to. Get dressed but leave the raincoat here. When you go down the corridor give the boys a treat, wiggle that fine ass of yours.”

After she had put on the dress and buttoned it, she reached for her raincoat. He shook his head, “I told you. Leave it here. After you talk to your dumbass little dick husband come back here for it.”

She started to leave but turned back, “I almost forgot. My girls would love to see their father.”

“We discuss that when you come back for the raincoat.”

As Mary walked along the corridor her heels clicked on the stone floor. The prisoners clung to their cell doors and yelled obscenities as she passed,

“Hey, bitch, you making me cum in my pants.”

“Whoooo, sweet mama, look at that ass!”

“She got nothing on under her fuckin dress, how about that!”

“She just a motherfuckin prick teaser, that’s what she is.”

“Oh my, how about lettin me eat your pussy for about six hours?”

“Hey baby, I got a great big stiff cock for you right here!”

“How much you wanna bet she be givin it up to the warden!”

“That right? You givin your sweet ass to the warden?”

The guard beside her laughed and shook his head, “I think you’re right, brother. If she ain’t yet, she soon gonna be.”


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