The Wayward Wife


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The Wayward Wife by Imelda Stark
Have you ever known a mean girl? Someone who seems unfairly endowed with all the advantages of looks and brains and status and chooses to exercise the power that comes with these gifts in a cruel way? And have you ever imagined what it would be like to see such smugness and entitlement shockingly reversed as some entitled queen bee is suddenly introduced to the fact that she too can be stung? Well, that is precisely what takes place for our bitchy heroine Gwen, who has ruthlessly exploited her born advantages to maneuver and screw her way into the job of CEO at a Fortune 100 Silicon Valley company. Along the way, she has seduced a handsome computer scientist whom she has dominated into a servile ass-licking submissive, never noticing his smoldering resentment until it was way too late.
He catches her conducting an online BDSM affair, presenting her with a stack of filthy transcripts which he vows to release on the web so that all of her subordinates can find out what a true slut their gorgeous boss actually is, after which he will divorce her sorry ass. Gwen suddenly realizes she can’t bear to lose him, and in a panic offers to do anything he wants if he’ll only give her another chance. The nature of her cyber affair gives her enraged husband the inspiration he needs, and he offers to stay with her only if she agrees to a year of total sexual slavery, in which she will forfeit their palatial home and half her net worth if she says the safe word. All of a sudden, the trim sexy ass that he has worshipped for many hours becomes his playground to punish to his vengeful heart’s content. Many salacious erotic adventures ensue, as all of her mistreated servants are recruited to help mend their penitent mistress’ narcissistic ways…

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