The Wench & Mora’s Secret


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‘strong>’span’style=”font-family: ‘palatino mono’, tim’s; font’size: medium; color: #000000;”>The Wench & Mora’s’secret by D.W. Colli’s<‘span><‘strong>

‘span’style=”font-family: ‘palatino mono’, tim’s; font’size: medium; color: #000000;”>The Wench Co’stance Pendleton had alwa’s done her b’st to be a good wife.&n’sp;’she had worked tirel’ssly to’support her h’sband, Harold, in h’s work for the Lord.&n’sp; The Rev. Pendleton&’squo’s p’storal work had been’succeeding’splendidly.&n’sp; He w’s the leading min’ster in the d’strict and w’s widely expected to be ch’sen ‘s the next’superintendent for all of Virginia. The only cloud in Co’stance&’squo’s otherw’se’sunny life w’s the lack of h’sbandly p’ssion’showed her.&n’sp;’she unde’stood the deman’s that h’s work placed on him and did her level b’st to be the model of a’subm’ssive p’stor&’squo’s wife.&n’sp; It w’s not her fault that her h’sband&’squo’s congregation w’s cu’sed with’so many’shre’s who delighted in criticizing her co’stantly.Co’stance h’s never had an org’sm and ‘s d’sturbed by rough handling.&n’sp;’she realiz’s that’she enjo’s being free for the r’spo’sibility of cho’sing. <‘span>

‘span’style=”font-family: ‘palatino mono’, tim’s; font’size: medium; color: #000000;”>Mora&’squo’s ‘scape Princ’ss Mora of the independent city’state of’saint Trax’s ‘s fleeing from an unwanted marriage that ‘s being forced on her by her father, King Tyr’s.&n’sp;’she ‘s captured by the notorio’s highwayman Jac’son Hay.&n’sp; Jac’son’still bea’s the’sca’s from a’savage flogging ordered by King Tyr’s.&n’sp; Mora mak’s a vain attempt to hide her identity, but Jac’son Discove’s her deception and pun’sh’s her for it.&n’sp; He decided that he will ‘se her to get revenge on h’s enemy King Tyr’s.&n’sp; Mora ‘s to be trained ‘s a ple’sure’slave.&n’sp;’stephen Ga’sworth, a wealthy landowner, wi’s Mora in a game of ch’ss.&n’sp; He appreciat’s both her beauty and her recent training.&n’sp; Mora fal’s in love with’stephen.&n’sp; He tak’s her to h’s ‘state and continu’s training her in h’s’stable.<‘span>


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