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Tough Love by Peter Moon

It’s TOUGH LOVE for the characters of Peter Moon’s latest novel, as a group of strangers with interlocking lives uncover their secrets and pursue their fantasies.

A receptionist discovers a talent for domination. After a lifetime of longing, a teacher surrenders to her with lasting consequences. A BAD GIRL has a rude awakening over her boss’s knee. Sexy MISS WHIPLASH captivates a playboy who regrets stepping out of line. A niece’s visit to her staid aunt has a sting in its tail.

A romance with an actor develops into a horror story. A comedian has the smile wiped from his face by his irate wife. A Hollywood heartthrob conceals a sexual longing that would harm his reputation. But somebody knows …

In a quirk of fate, these protagonists and others meet on the 15.13 train to London one afternoon. Gradually their pasts converge and unravel in a whirlwind of emotion.

Spanking takes centre-stage in this collection of related tales of women spanking men, men spanking women and women spanking women, with hand, paddle, whip, hairbrush, cane, leather strap and likely a variety of other appropriate implements of chastisement, featuring punishment, discipline, humiliation, exhibitions, sexy dressing, and of course, plenty of blushing naked bottoms, all for the pain, pleasure and fun of it.

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