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Trafficked by Patrick Richards

There’s a very dark underworld out there that deals in drugs, guns, stolen cars and even human beings.  I’m sure many of you have watched Mariana van Zeller’s show, Trafficked, on National Geographic.  Everyone has seen the news and knows about Jeffery Epstein and his trafficking of young girls for sex with the rich and famous.  Some of you may even remember Natalee Holloway who disappeared a few years ago while on Spring Break in Aruba.  Well, Adam Jackson, a college student from Texas vanished on that very same island – maybe for the exact same reason.  He was drugged and kidnapped and finds himself a sex slave and pain slut after venturing off the beaten path even after being warned of the potential dangers.  It’s amazing what some people will do for a wild night of kinky sex.

Like other guys before him, Adam disappeared, never to be found or seen again.  But what happens to him you’d never want happening to your ex-wife or even your very worst enemy.  Mistress Rosa used him as well as many other young men to sexually satisfy her numerous wealthy and powerful clients.  Adam is also used by many cruel, vicious, pain inflicting sadists who pay a good price to torture him and hear his agonizing screams in order to satisfy their depraved, sexual needs.  But that was only the beginning of his long, painful journey as he’s sold and traded around the world.

You don’t have to look very far to see the vastness of human trafficking.  Milk cartons show us new victims every day.  We see the posters and the numerous posts on Facebook.  What do they say, “Here today, gone tomorrow,” but that’s our youth – your sons and daughters.

Over the years I have been known as the dark author of BDSM.  Trust me… this novel is definitely not for the faint of heart.  There are numerous scenes of forced gay sex and extremely violent torture.  Adam’s attempts to escape from his owners’ clutches just cause him more pain and misery, but he never gives up trying no matter what the cost.

Femdom, Maledom, nonconsensual, kidnapping, slavery, extreme torture, bondage, oral, anal, and more.

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