Undress Her For Dinner


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Undress Her For Dinner by Lizbeth Dusseau
Natalie is an alluring young woman on the rise…with a scandalous past kept private by her family money. Now a designer working in Chicago, she’s swept into a minor mystery at work surrounding two young foreign women, Elsa and Honey, secretaries for a pair of lecherous design consultants. While working late at the office, she is the unintentional witness to an astounding sadomasochistic scene between Honey and her bosses, stirring up the dark past she’d just as soon forget.
Then much to her surprise, her new boyfriend, JD, kicks off their romance with Dominant/submissive sex, and Natalie finds herself driven toward the very thing she fights to forget. Try as she might, she can neither stop her obsessive prying or throw off JD.
As the office intrigue becomes more intense, Natalie shares her secret discovery with JD, thinking he’ll be as interested as she is. But he warns her off, demanding she stop her risky snooping. Too bad, some things just can’t be stopped! Even when she’s assaulted in an alley – a warning from the men behind the office sex games – Natalie can’t leave the mystery alone. By the time she learns that half the agency is part of a ring of flesh traders, who will stop at nothing to realize their kinky lifestyle and guard their secret, she’s headed for disaster.
When she finally sees the wisdom in dropping her investigation, it may be too late. The past she thought was behind her becomes the nasty advantage needed by these ruthless scoundrels to make her the new pawn in their game.
Bondage, S&M, humiliation, blackmail, heavy anal, semi-public nudity, piercing, as well as sexuality from the softly sensuous to the sordidly outrageous.

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