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Vanata Song by Harp Strathe

On the planet Vanat, Kesh is the last of his kind, a male vanata-human hybrid. All the vanatas were killed long ago when humans colonized the planet. He’s twenty-four, trained in black ops, and frustrated because there are no vanata women left in the world except for his mother. Struggling to keep his sanity, Kesh has sex with human women, but he can’t feel anything with them except a dull relief.

When he’s given a security detail for Locke, a senator, Kesh thinks he might have scented something impossible on the senator—a new vanata female.

Hala has just turned twenty years old. She has lived with Locke, a senator, since he became her guardian when she was a child. He never lets her off the estate, claiming her health is fragile, arranging for her to get medical treatments. Now grown, Hala knows she’s different, but she doesn’t believe what the senator tells her anymore. Trying to learn the truth, she escapes. Locke finds her, brings her back, and punishes her.

Going to the senator’s estate, Kesh finds Hala and kidnaps her. Hala doesn’t know she’s a vanata-human hybrid, and the treatments she’s been given have made her sick.

Kesh takes Hala into hiding to try to protect her from Locke. But Locke is a sexual sadist who is obsessed with vanatas, and he will do anything to get Hala back.

Includes: Spanking, sexual sadism, caning, whipping, biting, involuntary orgasm, bondage, knife play, anal play, and non-consent.

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