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Vegas Savages


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Vegas Savages by Jane Brooke

Jane is a Mensa genius, stunning and wealthy. A tall, quirky, queer girl, a weapons and martial arts expert, with a heart of gold. She is a NOW generation kinda plugged in girl, seeing the world in an acid etched reality. Most of her friends are cops and dangerous and unusual human beings.

Jettisoning a life of East Coast privilege to become a PI/Bounty hunter in dangerous N. Las Vegas, she’s dedicated her life to fighting for the LGBTQ world. She takes down violent men and woman ” in this case two violent butch females, sadists along the eco system of the private sex and fetish scene in Vegas.

When an ex drug-addicted show girl’s young daughter goes missing, Jane must move into the depraved bowels of the Vegas underground, into BDSM, Bondage and Goth sex clubs as she hunts for her prey. There sex, lots of it, and violence too, among the private, dangerous and honest club scene. There’s, death and, hopefully, laughter and a few tears along the way.

If you’re looking for the usual watered down erotica, the Prince saves the princess kind of pabulum, well this novel is not for you ” unless you might be interested in something NEW and unusual. I have been told my work is like a bath of acid, stripping reality to the bone. The first novel in a series of unlimited novels.

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