Venus in Norfolk



Venus in Norfolk by Sydne Albright

…The noises he was making were music to my ears. Noises that were… needy. Animal. Pitiful.
So far down the natural pecking order had I taken him. “Nnnnngggggh,” was the latest of the grunts to exit what was a rictus of a mouth as he tried to make his all too rare pleasure last; knowing it was extremely unlikely I would allow him a more… considered… opportunity to repeat the experience the moment this one was complete and I put his cock and balls back in the cage.
After Fiona divorces her husband she meets up with Wanda, her former university roommate and fellow fantasist. The two revive the less than wholesome dreams of their youth. Dreams that have led Wanda to the possession of her very own skeleton in her very own closet. And a most handsome, beaten, and obedient skeleton it is. Soon, the vengeful Fiona’s dreams are not only revived but demand fulfilment as she considers her ex-husband. Exotic female led fiction for the lover of the commanding woman. Female domination, male submission, control, humiliation, CBT, collaring, cunnilingus.

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