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Wayward Angel by Lizbeth Dusseau

Erotic Spanking Romance. Headstrong and rebellious, she specializes in being a brat. In her own sassy words, Angel Santana tells of her spanking desires, which are triggered when a cousin threatens to “turn her over his knee” when she disrespects her aunt at a family Christmas party. Once she’s out of high school, the smart-mouthed slut is caught in a barroom raid. Rather than go to prison, she’s sent to Brody Hall Reformatory for Wayward Women. Though Brody is notorious for its strict discipline, even the gossip doesn’t do the place justice. Angel undergoes strict punishment, as well as crude and very anal discipline, while at the same time she’s lured by her strong sexual desires for both. Angel both fights her treatment and succumbs to Brody discipline – and the seductive dominance of her handsome caseworker, Tony Casals.

Once she’s released from Brody, Angel struggles to find a place in her life for her unusual lust. From loose sex to turning spanking tricks to an odd romance with Tony, she reveals her love/hate relationship with desires that simply won’t go away. This wild narrative includes punishments scenes from sensuous over the knee spanking to heavy punishment, as well as enema discipline and graphic anal sex. (No underage sexual content.)

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