Wendy’s Story


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Wendy’s Story by J. A. Smith

Wendy is a pretty, twenty-something with an eye-catching figure. Her Air Force dad has raised her to be tough and take care of herself. She dabbles in naughty sexual adventures and is more than excited when her bisexual girlfriend, Debbie, seduces her, teaching her about sex toys and how to pleasure a woman. While she may be addicted to cock, now she’s addicted to pussy, too!
When she meets Scott at her favorite western bar, she thinks he could be more than just a Friday night fuck. The two date for the next three years, but not exclusively. He takes her to a nudist resort, where Wendy sees more cock in thirty-seconds than she had seen in the previous twenty-six years. While Scott becomes her beer-drinking, cowboy buddy, Wendy is still unsure if her feelings for him are really love

Then, just as their relationship starts to heat up, she meets John, a handsome, dignified, champagne drinking, professional. She’s immediately smitten, and her love life more complicated! It’ll take a show down between her two lovers at the Wrangler Bar for Wendy to decide which man she truly loves.

Graphic erotica including nudity, exhibitionism, fem/fem, pubic, group and anal sex, forced rimming, submission, domination, and swinging.

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It has been a couple months since Wendy met Scott, at the Wrangler western bar. She has been there a couple times since, but he was not there. She was disappointed. She is sorry she had got given him her email address or phone number. It is kind of the luck of the draw; being there on a night he might be there also. It is Friday night, and Wendy is in the mood for excitement. She gets her cowgirl duds on and heads to the Wrangler. She would love to see Scott there again, but no matter what, the Wrangler is always fun.

As soon as Wendy gets into the place, she looks around. Scott is not to be seen. The place is lively and crowded, as usual. Wendy gives up; she is walking toward the bar, when she feels a tap on her shoulder.

“Excuse me miss, I believe you left your pony out front, double parked.”

It is Scott. She throws her arms around him. “They can tow the pony. I’m so glad to see you.” She regains her composure. “I missed you.”

“I have been traveling for work and only got here once in the last month. You were not here that night.” Scott has on a western shirt, boots, and a cowboy hat. “Let’s get a beer?”

They stand at the bar drinking their beer and catching up on their lives. Scott works for a company and delivers big rigs and RVs. He is on the road often. It is interesting work, and he gets to see a lot of the country. On the negative side, he does not get regular days off. His schedule is not very compatible with a relationship.

They dance the slow dances and hold each other close. Even though two months have passed, she and Scott are right back to where they were. He feels her breasts against his chest; she feels his cock, through the clothing, touching her tummy. Wendy has fantasized about Scott since she met him. She wants to fuck him again. She enjoyed the fucking in the back seat of his truck, but tonight she wants him in a warm house…her house.

Wendy makes sure they exchange email addresses and phone numbers. She does not want to be unable to contact him in the future. They have only been at the Wrangler about an hour and a half when Wendy asks, “Why don’t we mosey over to my place and play cowboy.”


“Yeah, I pretend I’m a hot little filly. You come up behind me and take a ride.”

“Will you be wearing your cowgirl hat?”

“Absolutely, Tex.”

They both chug-a-lug the last of their beer, grab their coats, and head to the door. Scott follows her to her home a few miles away. They begin kissing as soon as they get in the door. They are like starving animals that have not eaten in days. They cannot get enough of each other. His hands are all over her titties and between her legs. She peels off her clothes as she leads him to her bedroom. They are naked except for their hats in record time.

“You really look good in your cowgirl hat.” His kisses drop to her nipples. He pushes her back on the bed and immediately begins licking both of her thighs. His tongue moves closer to her pussy. She wants his tongue and his cock as soon as possible. She spreads her legs for him. His mouth touches her dripping wet pussy. They both whimper at the touch of tongue to pussy lips. She squirms and pushes her wet opening into his face.

Scott backs off a little. “Get on your knees; I want a ride.”

Wendy rolls over onto her knees and forearms with her ass pointed directly at his cock. He can look at her pussy and can see her puckered rear hole between her ass cheeks. It is a beautiful sight. He loves this view of a woman. It is so intimate, looking at her pussy and butt hole. Scott holds her hips in his hands to steady her and slips his rock hard cock into her pussy. Her pussy lips cling to the sides of his cock as he moves in and out of her. He can watch his cock in her pussy and can see her asshole right above it. He would love to touch her rear hole, but he does not want to offend her.

“You have the cutest little butt hole.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls you ride.”

“Actually, only you.” He is not lying. He has seen other girl’s assholes, but none was as cute as Wendy’s is. “You’re special!”

Wendy asks Scott to get her vibrator out of the drawer of the nightstand. She keeps it plugged in and ready for use. He continues doing her doggy style, while she puts the vibrator on her clit. Wendy is in heaven with a hard cock up her pussy and her favorite vibrator on her clit. “Oh Scott, this is so good.” She moans as she speaks, “You are going to make me come.”

Scott is burying his cock in her throbbing pussy. His balls touch the vibrator on each thrust. They are both lost in passion, both moan, and both come at the same time. He is filling her with cum as her pussy contracts in orgasm. He manages a few final strokes, and they both collapse on the bed. She loves the weight of him on her back. He is a better lover in bed, than he had been in the back seat of his truck.

When they regain their strength, they shower together. It is not just naughty fun soaping each other up, but the closeness she feels holding him while the warm water runs down their bodies. She makes them a snack, and they talk a short time before calling it a night. Later that night in her bed, she again relives the evening in her mind. It was very comfortable with a cowpoke she really likes.


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