Women in Peril



Women In Peril Collection by Lizbeth Dusseau
The world as we know it has gone awry! What’s replaced it in these startling erotic thrillers are new world orders reminiscent of times past, where women struggle to survive the demands of cruel and demeaning subjugation. Its men who make up the rules and women have no choice but to obey. Hardcore BDSM, definitely not for the timid reader!
21 Sins ” girls in her position give up their names and their lives”they’re sold as lots. This story is about Lot 21. ‘Service contracts’ were once meant to alleviate prison overcrowding, but are now just another kind of prostitution. Can Sydney Wingate change the fate of Lot 21, or is it useless to buck the system?
Taken Before Dawn ” In the middle of the night patrols sweep through a quiet neighborhood, sirens blaring. Three women are snatched from their beds and flung into the street, where they are stripped and bound before their neighbors, then taken to the induction facility. They’ve violated the Reformation Act! The punishment will be severe.
Fear No Evil ” The idyllic life in a small resort town has come to an end for a trio of lovers. The world around them is crumbling with the wars and natural disasters of the 21st century sending Lydia and Jack into mandatory government service. Meanwhile Priss works in local munitions factory where her ruthless boss demands her sexual submission.
Madame Duvalier’s Boudoir ” In a world of political upheaval, women are stripped of their rights and made the subject to men. Desperate to protect her cousin and two virgin sisters, Renee Duvaliar submits to local government officials, offering her body for their use. Later in an attempt to escape, the four are arrested at the border and Renee is forced to choose which of her charges will have her virginity sacrificed in public.
Outer Island ” In New Victoria, sex outside of marriage is against the law. Sex Crimes Court judges offenders. Punishments include public floggings and hard labor. When Delila violates the law with a co-worker, the corporal punishment is swift, however, the hard labor is far more than expected when Degas, the Overseer of an underground brothel, buys her from the State for the duration of her sentence.

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