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A Wild Night On The Island & Other Stories by Lizbeth Dusseau

In the title story, the prickly relationship between a stressed-out boss and his assistant explodes when Peter finally does what he’s wanted to do for years, taking the sassy Samantha over his knee for one hell of a spanking. Then there’s Hell To Pay, when a dashing young peace officer, Kenny, vows to tame the sassy brat, Melody; and in Tongue-Tied join the cheating wife, Brooke, when her husband Travis decides that a good spanking is the best way to keep her in line. In Over The Professor’s Knee, a feisty student learns her lessons the hard way when she find her math tutor, Professor Gustafson is not so “mild-mannered” after all. And finally, in more peril again, the spirited Juliet learns a Lesson In Love, in another tumultuous war with Captain Crow, as a foolish mishap sends her over the Captain’s knee. (Features characters from Lizbeth’s novel Juliet & The Captain).

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