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Trafficked by Patrick Richards

There’s a very dark underworld out there that deals in drugs, guns, stolen cars and even human beings.  I’m sure many of you have watched Mariana van Zeller’s show, Trafficked, on National Geographic.  Everyone has seen the news and knows about Jeffery Epstein and his trafficking of young girls for sex with the rich and famous.  Some of you may even remember Natalee Holloway who disappeared a few years ago while on Spring Break in Aruba.  Well, Adam Jackson, a college student from Texas vanished on that very same island – maybe for the exact same reason.  He was drugged and kidnapped and finds himself a sex slave and pain slut after venturing off the beaten path even after being warned of the potential dangers.  It’s amazing what some people will do for a wild night of kinky sex.

Like other guys before him, Adam disappeared, never to be found or seen again.  But what happens to him you’d never want happening to your ex-wife or even your very worst enemy.  Mistress Rosa used him as well as many other young men to sexually satisfy her numerous wealthy and powerful clients.  Adam is also used by many cruel, vicious, pain inflicting sadists who pay a good price to torture him and hear his agonizing screams in order to satisfy their depraved, sexual needs.  But that was only the beginning of his long, painful journey as he’s sold and traded around the world.

You don’t have to look very far to see the vastness of human trafficking.  Milk cartons show us new victims every day.  We see the posters and the numerous posts on Facebook.  What do they say, “Here today, gone tomorrow,” but that’s our youth – your sons and daughters.

Over the years I have been known as the dark author of BDSM.  Trust me… this novel is definitely not for the faint of heart.  There are numerous scenes of forced gay sex and extremely violent torture.  Adam’s attempts to escape from his owners’ clutches just cause him more pain and misery, but he never gives up trying no matter what the cost.

Femdom, Maledom, nonconsensual, kidnapping, slavery, extreme torture, bondage, oral, anal, and more.

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After completing my circuit around the beach, I got a beer and sat by the pool listening to the bands and watching the scenery. Before long, a sexy, rather attractive blond came over to me and blocked the sun. She was wearing a tiny black bikini top and even smaller thong. The triangles on top barely covered her nipples and the bottom was equally as small. She handed me a beer and climbed on top, straddling my cock. We drank, as she slid her pussy up and down the length of my now hardening shaft. Not that I would know, but it was probably like getting a lap dance from a hooker at a strip club.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said, looking me straight in the eyes.

I smiled and took her up to our room. I did as she requested. After all, who was I to turn down a beautiful, overly-horny woman. I got myself off, leaving my cum deep inside her hot box and licked her hard sex nub to three powerful orgasms before sending her on her way. I promised her a repeat performance the next day.

Later in the afternoon I picked up another coed who was hornier that a two peckered billy goat. We made out for a while. All that time she couldn’t keep her hands out of my bathing suit. Maggy was a little chunky, but she needed lovings too. We did a couple of shots of Patron Silver and shared a bottle of Modelo before going up to my room. After making out for a while and fondling each other’s bodies, she straddled my face. I munched on her pussy and tongue-fucked her hole, bringing her to several powerful orgasms. Finally she spun around and took my hard cock in her mouth. She raised her ass to suck me off, exposing her hungry twat. That’s when I noticed. It was her red letter day, but I realized it made no difference. Neither she or I had noticed it. I reached up and gave her pussy lips one more lick as she was swallowing my cum. In spite of it all, those moments were fantastic. Finally she left. I said nothing and neither did she. Maybe she didn’t even know. But even if she did, what difference did it make now. I made her happy. That was all that mattered.

Finally, my buddies and I got together for dinner and swapped stories. I listened to their tales of manhood, but never told them about the last fox that I fucked. They wouldn’t understand that all women have needs too.

There was a huge bon fire further down the beach. As I stood there and watched the flames dance along the logs, someone put her arms around me and slid her hands down into my trunks.

“You made our friend very happy today in spite of her condition. Come with me, and we’ll make you happy as well. She took my hand and led me away. I was taken to another hotel and into an upstairs room. There were four voluptuous females waiting for me. They were all a little on the heavy side, but they deserved the same thing that all the more slender ones get. After all, sex at my age is just another fuck. Heck, it was four times the pleasure and four times the fun.

For two full hours I was made extremely happy. They performed sexual acts far beyond my imagination. Four naked women worked my body over so hard that I couldn’t take any more. I ate their pussies as they sucked and let me fuck them. No, I couldn’t shoot four loads in just two short hours, but I did my best. It was greatly appreciated, and they made that apparent. After all, they weren’t the most popular women on the beach. They weren’t party animals like most of the kids who go on Spring Break. They just wanted a good time. Trust me, I sure enjoyed it and so did they.

Around nine o’clock I met up with my buddies back at the hotel. We continued sharing our stories of drinking and debauchery. A couple of them were really wasted. We made the decision to head downtown and check out a titty bar later that night.

Some friends of mine told me about a strip club they found when they did Spring Break in Aruba last year. There were dozens of gorgeous Latin women dancing totally naked but wore tiny, little aprons to cover up the important part while serving drinks. They said if you tipped them really well, the girls would take you into a back room and do things to you that no American girl would ever consider doing. They said it was the best part of their whole trip, so we decided to find out. But that would have to wait until tomorrow. We all were already pretty much wasted.

The next day was much the same. We toured the beach and trolled for an available piece of ass. Hell, all you had to do was turn around. It was everywhere. They all wanted it. But later in the night, we got a taxi and asked the driver to take us to the El Coño Trampa. He laughed, as he drove down the dark, narrow streets.

“You have all those beautiful, over-sexed girls back on the beach, and you want to check out our local beauties. I don’t know, Gringo. Not sensible to me. It’s real dangerous. You be extra careful going down town. I pick you up at midnight, no later. That is most dangerous part of town, so be careful, extra careful. You are not really safe there. Remember, be out front at midnight, ‘cause I won’t wait very long,” the cab driver warned us.

Before long, he stopped at a large building with several over-sized, nude women shaped neons. We got out and paid him generously, so he would definitely come back.

“I pick you up at doce,” he reminded us. “Trust me. Twelve o’clock, no later, si?”

When we started to enter, we were stopped by a gorgeous woman with big tits.

“Ten dollar each, niños,” she demanded.

We paid her and wandered around for a minute, before taking stools right in front of the stage. There were three beautiful, very athletic woman dancing up and down on the brass poles. Brian was right. They were all totally naked with carefully trimmed bushes. We stared at them, as a waitress wearing just a tiny black apron approached. It hung low on her hips and barely covered her twat.

“Cerveza… beer?” she asked.

“Sure,” we all said.

The show went on.

Those women did things with their bodies that seemed impossible. Then one of them crawled over in front of me, did a summersault and nearly rubbed her bare pussy across my nose when she landed. Moments later she was on her feet crouching down in front of me with her knees wide apart. Then she handed me a Slim Jim. The wrapper was still sealed, so I accepted it.

“Open it gringo and hold it on the stage for me.”

I did, as she asked. The stick of meat rose up from my hand. She straddled it and lowered her crotch down, plucking the small, slim sausage from my hand with her talented pussy lips. She stood up and slid it in and out of her twat with her fingers several times. Then she offered it to me, so I could take a bite.

Being rather reluctant to eat something that had been in her cunt, I shook my head back and forth. She just smiled and laughed, offering it to me again.


Not knowing Spanish I hesitated.

“Eat it!” she demanded.

Reluctantly I took a bite.

“I’ll eat on your sausage in a little while,” she told me.

My buddies moaned as I ate it.

Before long she had finished dancing. She came around and led me into the back of the club. Once inside her room she put her arms around my neck and passionately kissed me, working her tongue deep in my mouth. Then I felt her hand on the bulge that had grown in my jeans. Her crotch rubbed up and down my hard cock, while her hands grasped the bottom of my tee shirt and pulled it up over my head. We kissed some more, as she opened my pants and slid her hands down inside while sucking on my nipples. My balls were rubbed with one hand while the other slid up and down my hard shaft.

“I like your big polla,” she whispered. “ I make you very happy.”

Soon I was naked and lying back on a lounge chair. My hard cock was deep in her throat, and she sucked on it like a Hoover vacuum while doing amazing things with her tongue. I was getting really close to blowing when she pulled away.

“Not yet, Señor. You have to earn it.”

Before long my tongue was working on her pussy. I couldn’t help myself. I was so fucking horny, eating out a beautiful, sexy woman from a strange country that I didn’t know. It made no difference to me at that point. I would have loads of stories to tell my buddies in the morning. Finally I latched onto her clit and took her over the top. She howled and flooded me with her girl-cum.

After her third or fourth orgasm, she changed positions. I was worshipping her rose bud while she sucked on my balls and licked my cock.

Holy shit! She turned me over and moved me around enough so her tongue was in my ass bud as well. There was no end to her needs, but finally she let me blow, swallowing every drop of my fiery juice.

But she was far from finished. She had me as hard as a poker in just a few minutes. Her long finger nails scraped and dug deep into my piss hole for a while, as she maneuvered her pussy over my mouth and tongue once more.

“Beberlo,” she said, as she slowly release her bladder.

I was shocked when I realized what was happening and knew I had no choice no matter how disgusting it was. I wondered, was this one of the things Brad tried to tell me about. But I was still hard and was ready to go once more. Soon the sexy woman was sitting in my lap and sliding up and down on my dick. She rode my hungry cock hard and fast as if she were riding a wild bronco. I knew this wouldn’t take long. Suddenly I exploded like a volcano, filling her cunt with my second  load of molten cum.

Moments later she was sitting on my face demanding that I bring her one more time. In just a minute or two she moaned with another orgasm, leaving my cum and hers in my mouth. Being in such a sexual high, I swallowed it all.

Finally we dressed. “How much?” I asked.

“Twenty dollars, if you promise to come back tomorrow night.”

I handed her fifty dollars and promised her I would.

“Don’t tell your friends. They are… what do you call them… ‘sticks in the mud.’  I’ll show you lots more of my tricks tomorrow.”

“I’ll be here. I promise.”

“Be here by ten.

I got out and found my buddies, throwing dollar bills to the dancers, wondering why they weren’t getting any action.

“Hey, how’d it go?” Brian asked.

“It was good. Got a couple of blow jobs and had some great sex.”

“She into anything kinky? Tell us, what’d she do?”

“Lap dances, blow jobs, before fucking my brains out,” I told him just to get him going.

“So what’d that cost you?”

“She wanted twenty bucks.”

“Mia told me she went to college in Florida. She actually speaks great English. She warned me that coming here was definitely not safe. It was best to stay away. One of the bouncers confronted me, but she told him I was an old friend from college. He told me not to come back here again if I knew what was good for me. I guess the taxi driver was right. Maybe we should get out of here while we can. Besides, he should be out front in about ten minutes.”

Actually I lied to them. I didn’t want them tagging along tomorrow. When we got outside, the cabby was waiting.

“Got your eyes filled?” he asked. “I don’t advise you guys to return here. You were very lucky tonight. The locals don’t really like you American gringos invading their island and trying to fuck their women.”

“Thanks for looking after us,” I said. When he dropped us off at the hotel, I handed him fifty dollars as well. He was pleased.

I looked around for the little sexy brunette, but didn’t have any luck. So I had a few more beers and decided to call it a night.

In the morning we played beach volleyball and did our best to get laid. After what Mia had promised for tonight I really didn’t care. I just hung out at the pool and relaxed. I really enjoyed watching the wet tee shirt contest even if the boobs were big. God! Today’s women have great bodies.

At dinner time there was a fantastic bar-b-que on the beach. We hung out, but I nursed a beer for a long time. I certainly didn’t want to get drunk before heading downtown for a second round with that sexy beauty. Finally about nine thirty, I decided to head out.

“I’ll catch you guys later. I met a girl earlier, and we’re going to hook up for a while.”

I wandered down through the crowd of drunken college students and soon disappeared out into the street to grab a cab.

I told the driver where to drop me off. He just smiled.

Again I paid the woman at the door the ten dollar cover and took a seat right in front of the stage, but she wasn’t there. I watched some of the dancers make love to the ten foot high brass poles and perform for tips. Moments later Mia came and brought me a cocktail. She leaned over, kissed me and placed the drink in front of me.

“I’m glad you came back. I’ve got extra special plans for you tonight.”

“I told you I would come. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I don’t have to work for another hour, so drink up, and we’ll go in the back for a while.”

After I downed the cocktail, she took my hand and led me around behind the stage and into the back of the club. By the time we got to her special spot, I was feeling rather dizzy. Things started to get blurry before I stumbled and staggered just a little.

“What’s the matter?” she asked with a coy smile. “Are you okay?”

“I… I… do – on’t k – n – o – o….”


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