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Addicted To Samantha by Patrick Richards

Jack’s addiction to the beautiful Samantha runs deep, as this tortured male serves his mistress every whim, satisfying her with a masochistic drive that matches her profoundly sadistic disposition. As she artfully primes him for the grand ‘wedding’ where he’ll become her lifetime slave and property, he faces numerous trials to test his devotion, his love and his physical ability to withstand the awesome torture she metes out. The penalty for tardiness earns him long hours exposed to the elements while he undergoes excruciating pain. After losing a simple sex game, he’s forced to walk the long road home in woman’s lingerie, and suffer the cruelty of the college boys who discover his humiliating dilemma.

While Samantha’s away, her sister Marcy gets in on the fun. Dressing him like a German shepherd, she makes him live like a dog, while suffering through days of hard physical labor and brutal punishment. The real fun begins when the cunning Marcy puts Jack on a diabolical rack. As she increases the strain on his stretched muscles, he begs for an orgasm…and gets his wish. But when the pairs’ verboten acts are discovered by a furious Samantha, the punishment that follows for their crime will put Jack’s submission to the test once more.

Each new trial he suffers takes Jack deeper into his submissive cravings. But though he dearly loves his mistress, will love be enough to see Jack through his sufferings? Or will he finally reach his breaking point and lose all that he’s ever wished for?

Edgy torture abounds in this exhilarating Femdom read! An anthill, a bug-infested swamp, and an electric train transformer are just a few of the more inventive methods Samantha uses to subjugate her slave. Expect the extremes of BDSM, including hard pain, electric shock, public exposure, suspension bondage, forced M/m, castration, cuckolding, tattoos, piercing and feminization.

Be warned: this novel is NOT for the faint of heart!

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“Yes, Mistress, how can I serve you?”

“We’ve decided that we need to have an engagement party.  I will give you a list of guests to invite and a list of all the food that will need to be prepared.  Your rings should have healed enough, so plan on a party Saturday night the 28th.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Oh before I forget,” Samantha added with a coy, little smile.  “We will need some entertainment to conclude the celebration that night.  Remember all of my guests enjoy giving out their fair share of pain.  I’m leaving your fate entirely up to you.  You will decide how my guests will be entertained.  Think about it for a few days.  I expect it to be quite spectacular and very painful.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, as I went about my normal duties.

I couldn’t believe that she was leaving the choice of my bondage and torment up to me, the victim.  I was to decide how her guests would torture me and cause me the most pain and anguish.

It’s almost like the judge giving the accused murderer his own choice of how he will be executed.  He knows that he will die, but he has to decide which way will be the nicest way to go – hanging, the electric chair or a firing squad.  Besides that, she wants it spectacular!

As I did up the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, it immediately came to me.  Some time ago I had come up with an extremely brutal idea that would be perfect for her party.  I had thought about it many times over the years and actually even dreamed about it once.  This fantasy is one of those things that a true masochist only thinks about, but realizes that it is well beyond his limits.  He knows that it’s only a dream and should remain that way and never be experienced.

But I couldn’t get my secret torture out of my mind.  It wasn’t a little bondage and discipline.  It wasn’t just a real hard ass whipping.  It would be real torture – inescapable, unbearable and seemingly never-ending agony.

I knew that I would do it.  It was something I had to experience if I had the chance, even though I knew that it would be far more than I could endure.  Once I thought about it, there was no turning back.

It would definitely please her, causing me the utmost pain and agony.  I just wasn’t sure that I had the nerve to go through with it.

The thoughts of this fantasy made me shutter.  I could feel a strange, cold, sweaty chill consume me.  As I thought about it, I wondered.  How often does a person get to live out his greatest fantasy?  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that maybe they shouldn’t.

Later in the evening she summoned me to my rightful place between her thighs.  My tongue brought her the pleasures that she desired.  After an hour she was satisfied.  She pulled me up into her arms and spoke quietly.

“Any thoughts about the party?”

“Yea.  I’ve got it all figured out.”

“I figured it wouldn’t take you very long.”

We talked for nearly an hour. I explained the method that would be used on me at the party.  She liked it, but thought of a couple more things to make a terrible situation even worse.  Those she’d save as a surprise for later.  I didn’t say anything but what I was going to experience for her that night didn’t need any help to make it any more painful….


“Now if you will all follow us to our dungeon, we will begin the entertainment.  Don’t worry about drinks and snacks, there’s a bar set up in there for your convenience.

“When I decided to give this party, I told my slave to plan the way he would like to suffer for you tonight.  The position he has chosen has been a secret fantasy of his for many years.  He reluctantly never told anyone about this ordeal for fear of having to actually experience it.  But tonight it becomes a reality.  He will live out his personal painful fantasy to its fullest.  Please enjoy yourselves as you give him the pain he craves.”

While Samantha talked to her guests, I locked heavy leather cuffs tightly on each of my wrists and ankles.

“While you can still speak, why don’t you tell my friends about your evening’s adventure?”

“Yes, Mistress.  While I’m suspended from this hoist tonight, I am yours to use any way you want.  As your entertainment I ask that you cause me as much pain as possible.  I want all of you to enjoy yourselves at my expense.  There are no limits to what you can do to me.  There are no safe words.  Please use your imaginations.  Do it as long and as hard as you want.  Please show me no mercy.   Make me suffer for you and for my Mistress.”

As I picked up the leather parachute that would soon hang from my balls, I could immediately see that it was not the one I had selected earlier.  I glanced up at Samantha and saw the sadistic smile on her face.  She had replaced the smooth, almost tolerable one with a device from hell and beyond.

After showing my tormentors the hideous thing, I secured the nasty spiked device around my balls.  This was going to be far more painful than I really wanted to experience.  The entire inside of her insidious parachute was covered with dozens and dozens of eighth inch long needle-like spines ready to be imbedded into my testicles.

“Go ahead.  Explain what is going to happen,” my Mistress urged.

I swallowed hard, as I continued to describe my chosen torture.  My cock continued to grow.  I couldn’t control it.  Drops of creamy ooze were soon evident to everyone as my rock hard pecker throbbed in anticipation of my upcoming ordeal.

“I’m going to be wearing this thick leather hood.  It has an inflatable gag and totally blocks out all sound and sight.  I won’t know what you plan on doing to me until I feel the pain.

“Before you begin, I will be suspended by my wrists and my leg cuffs will be hooked to this parachute by these short cords.  There will be no way for me to straighten out my legs or even kick as I react to your whips without yanking on the cords and torturing my testicles.

“So while you beat me and torment me, I will have to try to hold my legs still in order to avoid ripping off my balls or driving all the nasty little spikes into them.”

Before chickening out I slid the hood over my head and pushed the gag into my mouth.  I pulled the many buckles tight and secured the heavy collar around my neck.  After pumping up the gag, I was as ready as I ever would be.  Even though my cock pounded with anticipation, I was scared.  Deep inside, I knew what was going to happen.

Someone pulled down sharply on the parachute ring, making me quickly squat down far enough to fasten the short, stiff cords to my ankles.  Immediately someone else connected my wrists to the hook on the electric winch.  It was starting.  The gag was pumped even fuller as I felt my arms being pulled up tight.  The terrible reality of my upcoming bondage started to frighten the hell out of me.  Before it ever began, I knew that I had bitten off far more than I could possibly chew.  I had climbed a slippery slope, and there was no way to remain on top.  I was ready to begin a long, brutally painful slide all the way to the bottom.  I suddenly realized that I never should have chosen my secret fantasy for tonight’s entertainment.

To make things worse, I had begged them to show me no mercy.  That word was not in their vocabulary anyway.  I did this to please my Mistress and now I would pay a more than painful price.

Within seconds the needles started pressing against my thin ball sac.  I rose up on my tip toes and realized this was going to be far worse than I had ever dreamed.  The winch stopped there for a few minutes so I could dance around on tiptoes and try to ease the immediate discomfort to my jewels.

I knew if I held my feet up, they’d soon tire and create the inevitable, so I tried to support myself as long as possible.  If I gingerly pushed onto the floor I could hold myself up just a little longer and only feel a slight discomfort.

Then it continued.  The monster pulled my arms about an inch higher so my feet could not quite touch the floor.  I tried to get even the slightest footing to lessen the strain on my shoulders, but any movement of my legs or feet telegraphed the testicle torment immediately to my brain.  I realized that I was in deep shit.

The winch started again.  Up and up I went until my feet were a couple of feet from safety.  I hung there waiting.  Gravity alone was already pulling on my legs and feet.  Soon my muscles would tire and pull heavily on my balls.

I knew that even if Samantha’s guests never struck me, holding my legs up very long was going to be difficult.  I could already feel the sharpened spikes. They were poised like a sprinter waiting for the starting gun.   They were ready to be driven into my nuts like a tiger ready to pounce upon its prey.

Several minutes went by as I hung there waiting.  My heart was pounding in my tightened chest from the anticipation and sexual excitement of my ordeal.  I was really nervous, but my cock was still as hard as steel.  Juices dripped from its head while sweat poured from every pore.  An icy, cold chill consumed me.

I knew that the pain I’d cause myself every time I kicked out would be absolutely intolerable.  It would be far worse than their whips.  There would be no way of controlling my reaction to their continual, brutal attack.  Their whips would cut a swath of fiery pain somewhere across my flesh, and my feet would fly out with a vengeance, tearing at my tethered testicles in reaction to the pain.  The leather parachute would savagely collapse around my balls and slam those long spikes home.  I had set myself up for failure.  I could handle their whips, but I knew that my balls couldn’t take several hours of my own painful self-torture.

I jumped when someone started examining my engagement ring.  I could feel the gentle touch and an occasional finger nail from one of the female guests.  She stroked my cock, taking advantage of my full erection.  This certainly wasn’t what I expected from the sadistic guests my Mistress had invited to the party.  I was sure that someone would have started right in with a whip across my waiting ass.  But instead, I was getting pleasured.  She continued to rub my cock up and down.  In mere moments steady drops of pre-cum oozed from the end of my penis.  She was bringing me so close to a climax.  The constant pumping dissolved the fear that held me in its grip.

My cock actually had pounded all day long, as I dreamed about this special fantasy bondage.  My panties were constantly wet from the excitement.  I was so hot that it blocked out any thoughts of the pain I knew I would be forced to endure.  I was turned on long before this ever started and now someone was pushing me even closer.  She continued to jerk me off harder and harder.  Her hand kept hitting the ring that was pierced through my enlarged cock head.  It was hurting, but the pleasure of near-orgasm was feeling fantastic.  She rubbed it faster and faster, ever bringing me closer and closer.  Just a few more strokes and I would blow.  Up and down a few more times.   Maybe a minute more….

Then she stopped.  I was left teetering there.  The fiery lust slowly drained from my pulse-bobbing pecker.  Almost immediately my mind shifted gears and became aware of the steady downward pull of my legs on my balls.  My legs and feet were getting heavy, and I could feel the needles of that damned leather thing.

I raised my feet up behind me and felt her hand on my cock again.  Her fingers played gently along the tight thin skin.  Then she stopped and flicked the newly installed ring with her finger a couple of times.  I waited for more of her tantalizing caresses.

Bang!  The pleasure turned to the worse pain of my life.  My feet kicked out violently towards the floor.  My legs straightened out as far as they would go.  The short tethers were yanked, and the parachute did its job.  A thin whip had cut a deep furrow across the soles of both my feet.  In reaction to the minor but very painful dose of bastinado, I nearly ripped my balls off and drove every needle of the parachute into my tender globes.  Silent screams filled the insides of my hood.

The instant reality of my fantasy situation hit home with a vengeance.  Years of dreaming about this moment had come to an end.  Tonight I would live it.  It was unbelievable that with the agony of the first kick, my cock still remained hard.

Immediately I yanked my feet back up, hoping to ease the pain, but it hardly helped.  My balls took the full force of my kick-reaction, and it was only the first one of the night.


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