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The True Confessions of Jane Eyre – ebook


The True Confessions of Jane Eyre by Dominic Ridler

A very different take on this classic tale! As an orphan Jane is ill-treated by her aunt and her leering son. She manages to get away from their clutches when at 18, she’s sent to boarding school, where her sexual education begins. She becomes intimate with her classmate, Helen, and is then seduced by her French teacher, Pierre. Her education is furthered, when now a nanny she’s introduced to threesomes and spanking by the Italian ambassador.

When she leaves the ambassador’s household, she takes a position as governess to the child of a certain Mr Rochester ” a handsome but moody man who harbours a dark secret. Jane quickly falls in love and surrenders herself entirely to this captivating man. Though he uses her hard, he satisfies her deepest longings. When Mr Rochester’s secret is, at last, revealed, Jane feels betrayed and runs away. But her love for him and her craving for the sexual excitement that only he can give her draws her back.
Includes: male domination, female submission, masturbation, humiliation, caning, oral and anal sex, bondage, face sitting, analingus, cunnilingus, femfem, spanking, threesomes, anal play, double penetration, sexual depravity, whips, exhibitionism, male bisexuality, group sex, collars, and cuffs.

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