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Adult Education by Patrick Richards

When you go to a bar for a drink and the beautiful, sexy woman you met a couple hours ago tells you she wants to take you back to her place and fuck your brains out, what do you do? Most guys in their early 20’s would jump at the opportunity. Rudy Fisher does just that, but he has no idea how deep the water is when he jumps in. After satisfying her orally for better than an hour, she locks him in an inescapable chastity cage without letting him cum. It isn’t long before he tells her he’ll be her slave forever. Talk about jumping in with both feet without even looking!

Susanne immediately takes control, becoming his Mistress and owner. He has no way to stop her, and down deep, he doesn’t want to. This has been a secret fantasy of his for many, many years. Over the next few months, she totally destroys him, and he willingly accepts it. He knows that as a slave he is her property and no longer a man. Rudy gives up everything to satisfy his need to serve a woman like her. He craves what she had to offer ” the bondage, the pain, the total domination, and in the end he gives it all.

Includes Femdom, slavery, chastity, cross-dressing, extreme body modification, torture, oral and anal.

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“How many of you have started writing your first novel?” the instructor asked.

Five others besides me raised our hands.

You see, I had enrolled in a creative writing class at the local junior college.  It was an adult education evening course entitled “Writing Your First Novel” being offered to the community.   Tonight was the first night of the class.

“That’s great.  Well, I’m MaryAnn Schneider, and I’ll be your instructor for the next twelve weeks.  During this time I hope to give you both guidance and encouragement in writing your first novel.  Before we actually get started, let me give you a word of advice.  Writing a book is not easy.  It’s a long, arduous task with many, many failures.

“Now you might ask, ‘What do I know about writing a novel?’  To date, I have published sixteen novels and three books of short stories.  At this point in my career I find it rather easy compared to the time when I wrote my first one.  That book took me three long, agonizing, hair-pulling, nail-biting years.  Sometimes I got so frustrated that I didn’t even open my computer for weeks at a time.  Then there were the nights when I’d say, ‘I’ll finish this paragraph and then quit for the night.’  The next time I looked at the clock, it was three in the morning and five more pages were filled with type.  And when it was finally done, it took me two more years to find a publisher that was willing to take a chance on a new, unknown author.  But over the past few years I figured out a method that works for me, and I plan on sharing it with you.

“So, to get started I’d like each of you to introduce yourselves.  Please tell us a bit about yourself and what type of book you are trying to write.  We’ll begin with those of you who have already started writing.  Who’d like to go first?”

A middle aged woman with dark brown hair pulled up in bun stood up.  She wore a dark colored, unrevealing dress that covered most everything from her neck to just below her knees.

“Hi… ah….  I’m Harriett Williams.  I’m the head librarian at the city library, and I am writing an historical novel about my great, great grandfather, Tom Horn, Jr.  He was a bounty hunter in the wild west who became a Pinkerton Detective and eventually a killer-for hire and violent murderer.”

“Great….  So your non-fiction book basically contains factual material.”

“Yes, but not entirely.  Some of the stories I include might be considered folklore.  They are things that were told to me by some of my relatives over the years.”

“That’s fine, Harriett.  Just make sure you separate fact from fiction.  Adding some of the family legends may make for some very interesting reading.”

“Thank you… and you can call me Harri with an i.”

“Well, that sort of lets her hair down just a little,” I thought, even if she doesn’t dress the part.  But what do you expect from a librarian anyway?

Next to stand was a stunning red headed woman with perfectly shaped breasts.  She was tall and rather slender with long shapely legs and appeared to be in her mid-twenties.

“Hi.  My name’s Susanne Fredericks, and I own the Red Dragon Bookstore here in town.  Dealing with books all day, I thought I might try to write a novel.  I like fiction and thought I’d do something sexy and sultry and a little more off color than normal.”

“So you want to write porn,” Miss Schneider added with a smile.

“Yea, but I was a little hesitant to just say it on our first night here.”

“A lot of authors have started out by writing porn.  It’s an easier way of getting published because porn sells.  By writing a few sex-filled novels and having them published, you’ll find it much easier to find a mainstream publisher that is willing to look at your work.  Never be embarrassed at what you write.  Who knows?  You might end up being famous in a different sort of a way.”

I looked at Susanne a little more intently after that.  She had dark green eyes that glistened like emeralds.  Yup, she was definitely into sex.  She obviously had potential.  She had my interest for sure.

I stood up next.  “Hi, I’m Rudy Fisher.  I’m the Assistant Director of Admissions at Northampton College.  I’m presently working on a murder-mystery novel that takes place along a hiking trail in the mountains.”

“That sounds interesting.  The only problem I see is the limited number of characters that might be involved in the plot.  Who’s your main character?”

“A twenty year old college coed named Julie Abrams.  Her boyfriend is the one who is murdered.”

“It certainly has some potential.  Do you hike or know enough about the woods to make it interesting but not boring?”

“Yes… I hike a lot and have spent a great deal of my life wandering the mountains and forests.”

“When we get into discussing the development of your main character, we can discuss another potential problem you might encounter.  Okay, who’s next?”

At that point I quickly glanced over at Susanne.  She noticed me looking at her breasts.  Quickly I looked back at the instructor.

There were eleven of us all together.  Each one introduced themselves and told what they wanted to write.  One woman wanted to write romance novels.  An older fellow was working on a spy novel, while the guy next to him liked true crime.  Then the instructor gave us next week’s assignment.

“Many authors find that it’s easier to write a novel if you become your main character.  That works very well for me.  You start your book and let it lead you along.  If you try to outline the book, you are limiting yourself to a defined script, but if you immerse yourself into your main character, even becoming that person in your mind, the story will lead you where it wants to go.  I find that most of the time the book develops a life of its own.

“Last year I had a student who told me she hadn’t started writing her book yet, because she couldn’t figure out how to end it.  Trust me… you can’t end it if you’ve never started it.

“So, next week we’re going to start developing your main character.  Instead of coming here on campus, we will meet at Dion’s Bistro on 2nd Avenue.  Does everyone know where it is?  My brother owns it, and it’s always closed on Mondays.  He’ll make an exception for us.  I want each of you to come dressed up and be that person who is your main character.  Throughout the entire evening you will be that person.  I want you to think and act like your main character.

“Now for those who haven’t started your book, you must have some idea what you want to write or you wouldn’t be here.  Use any spare time you have this week to identify your main character and see what you come up with.  Drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be provided, but if you want anything alcoholic, it will be available for a very reasonable charge.

“Rudy, it’s going to interesting to see how you’ll handle this assignment.”

Everyone laughed a little, knowing the dilemma I was in.

Again I snuck a look at the redhead.  Again she caught me, making me turn away.

“Are there any questions?” she asked.

No one raised their hands, even though I wanted to.

My eyes were quickly drawn back towards Susanne.  For some reason I could sense that she was looking at me.  She had a real sexy grin on her face, as she made direct eye contact with me.  She knew what I was feeling.  She could feel my apprehension, as I quickly realized that I had to dress and be a twenty year old woman.  Wow!  I wasn’t into cross dressing, and I would be on display for her and the entire class.

“Oh, for those who have started their book, bring along something you’ve written to share with the class.  If you haven’t started your book, write something about your main character.  Okay, see everyone next week at the pub.”

As the class started to leave, Susanne walked directly over to me.

“I can’t wait to see you all dressed up in drag.  Got anything hidden in your closet that you can wear?” she asked with a grin.

“Not really.”

She laughed, figuring that I wasn’t telling her my little secret.

“Why don’t we stop down to that little bar on the corner and discuss it, unless you have something else planned for the rest of the night?”

“No, I’ve got nothing else to do.  I’d like that.”

“Great… meet you there shortly.  I can help you out with your costume for next week as well,” she chuckled.  “It could be fun.”

As we left the classroom, I wondered where this was going other than Lefty’s Bar and Grill.  Women like her don’t normally pick up guys like me.  Oh it’s not that I’m not good looking, but I’m well…. I wasn’t one of the popular guys in school.  I wasn’t a jock.  I was never in the click.  Yet I always was attracted to girls like her – the prettiest in the class, the head cheerleader, the one with the hottest body.  A lot of good it did me.  I was always turned down and rejected.  Then there was the humiliation of the whole ordeal.  I was picked on by everyone for even thinking I even had a chance to score a date.   So, why was she asking me out for a drink?  She’s definitely out of my league.

But there is something about her that really seems to intrigue me.  Sure she was definitely attractive, but there was something very different about her.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  I guess time would tell.

Before long I was walking into the dimly lit bar.  Susanne was already there and had ordered us each a drink.

“Thanks,” I said, as I took a seat opposite her at the small wooden table.  “What we drinking?”

“Does it make any difference?”

“Not really.  I was just wondering,” I replied, as I took a sip.  “Tastes like Jack and coke.”

“I guess you know your liquor.”

We made some small talk for a bit to get to know each other.  She was from Philly and got her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Rutgers University.

“So tell me,” I asked, “how does a person with a degree from such a prestigious university end up owning a bookstore?”

“You never know where life’s road may lead you.  It has a strange way of changing, controlling and challenging us each and every day.  Besides, what difference does it make?  Why don’t we finish our drinks and head back to my place and see where this journey leads.”

“Aren’t we rushing things just a little?”

“Tell me, haven’t you ever picked up a good-looking girl in a bar that you really wanted to fuck, even though you’ve never met her before – and before the night was out – you did?”


“Isn’t it just a little bit obvious that I want to take you home and fuck your brains out for the rest of the night?”

“Well… since you put it that way.”

She laughed, as we finished our drinks and headed out the door.

I was a little shocked.  Why me?  What vibe did I send out that attracted her?

Susanne had a beautiful apartment over the bookstore.  We parked in the rear and entered up a back stairway.

We walked into a beautiful modern kitchen, but she led me right into her main living area.

“There’s a bar over there on the left.  Why don’t you mix us each a drink while I get out of these clothes,” she instructed me.

“What would you like to drink?” I asked as she headed upstairs.

“Whatever you’re having will be fine.  Come on upstairs when you have them ready.  And don’t dillydally too long or I’ll have to start by myself.”

“She certainly doesn’t waste any time, does she?” I whispered silently to myself, realizing she always gets what she wants.

Before long I was anxiously ascending the curved staircase to her bedroom.  I could feel a tingling in my balls, and my cock was starting to get a little harder.  I thought I knew what lay ahead.  On a king-sized bed with black satin sheets a goddess lay waiting.  She was totally naked and in a position so her pussy was hidden by her leg and her arm covered much of her breasts.

I smiled with eager anticipation of where this night was going.

“Well, you going to give me my drink and get undressed or just stand there and stare?”

I handed her the drink and put mine on the nightstand when something shiny caught my eyes.  Two rings of steel, connected by a short chain lay there waiting.  For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.  Instantly I started to get hard.

“What’s the matter?  Cat got your tongue?”


She laughed.  “Why don’t you get those clothes off and get that tongue busy.  I’m horny as hell and need you to satisfy me.  We’ll get to those handcuffs a little later.”

I slid down my jeans as my now fully erect cock tented out my boxer briefs.

“What’s got you so excited – the treasure between my legs or the restraints on the nightstand?

“Both I guess.”

“I’m glad, ‘cause I like my guys locked up tight so I can control them.  Will you let me do that to you?”

“Anything you want.”

“Anything?  I guess we’ll see about that in a little while.  Now shed the shorts and get busy.”

Quickly I yanked down my underwear, letting all seven hard inches of my manhood bob up and down.  She moved to the side of the bed and waited as I hustled in.

“On your back big boy.  You’ll learn that we always do things the way I like it, understand?  Your wants and desires will always be the least of my concern.”

I think my hard dick twitched when she said that, and she definitely noticed.

As I started to speak, she pushed her wet, hungry nether lips down on my face, while facing down towards my cock.

“Bring me, and don’t stop until I tell you.”

Immediately my tongue lunged into her honey hole.  I savored the heavenly scent and the wonderful taste of her lust charged pussy.  I worked all the way up and down her delicate slit, licking and probing her love tunnel with all my might.

Suddenly her hand grasped my hard throbbing rod and briskly rubbed it up and down.  On and on she went, tightly squeezing and roughly twisting its tender flesh.  Moments later I felt her lips on me, as her tongue licked and flicked its tip around my cockhead.  Slowly she slid her lips down my shaft until my cock hit the back of her throat, and then ever so slowly she rode it up and down, ever sucking and licking me, letting her teeth scratch and dig their way along the entire length of my pecker.

For some reason her almost violent attack on my manhood excited me.  Every time she let up even just a little I wanted more, and she gave it to me.  She knew what I needed.

While she continued to make my balls churn, my lip-covered teeth firmly grasped onto her hard clit and beat it with my tongue.

She pulled her mouth from my dick and moaned, “Not yet.”

Immediately I continued my tongue fucking and deep probing while she continued sucking my cock.  At one point I moved back a little and ran my tongue around her other hole, pushing my tongue in and out of her tight, little rosebud.  A pleasured moan escaped her lips.  I continued to probe and lick that nether region as she ground her beautiful ass against my face.  After another minute or so, she stopped once more.

“Don’t you dare blow.  I know you’re getting close, but not yet.  A real man always satisfies the woman first.  This isn’t just some ‘wham, bam, thank you Ma’am’ fuck where you get your rocks off and I’m left wanting.  I’ll let you blow your worthless balls when I’m damn good and ready and not before.  Guys like you have to earn the right to cum.”

I heard her but knew there was going to be no way of holding it back if she continued this much longer.  Every time her lips slid down my pecker and back up I was driven closer to cumming.  I tried to think of other things, but it was impossible.  Then just one stroke short of ejaculation, she pulled away and gasped, “Bring me, you worthless bastard!  Do it now!”

At the same time, she grabbed both my balls and crushed them with her strong fists.  I moaned in pain, but she continued the harsh treatment.  She ground her pussy harder against my face as my tongue beat her swollen, little clit.

“M – o – r – e… harder, asshole… harder!” she screamed, ever twisting and squeezing my testicles.  The pain took away my need to blow, while I struggled to satisfy her.  Suddenly she squealed in ecstasy.  Her moans of pleasure echoed off the walls of her boudoir.  Her girl cum flowed freely onto my lips, and I drank every sizzling drop she offered.

When she finally came down from her sexual high, I begged, “Please let me cum.”

“Not yet, little guy.  You’re far from done satisfying me.  As I said a few moments ago, you’ll have to earn that pleasure and endure the pain I cause you before you can cum.  I’ll consider your needs after you have brought me a few more times if I think you’re worthy.  But let’s finish that drink before we continue.”


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