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The Harem by Paul Preston

Jeremy, a romantic aspiring writer of erotica, is admitted to Potomac Fields, a psychiatric hospital near Rockville, Maryland, after what appears to be a complete nervous breakdown. While mourning the recent death of his father and recovering from the betrayal and infidelity of his wife, Jeremy relates to no one at the hospital and carries around a laptop computer which he pretends to write stories in. Late at night in his hospital room, Jeremy actually writes an elaborate sexual fantasy novel called, “The Harem” which tells the story of three women, Cynthia, Sapphire and Evelyn, reflections of three actual patients in Jeremy’s therapy group, who turn his suburban home into a modern day harem to help Jeremy gain revenge upon his cheating wife. After several graphic and liberating sex scenes, Jeremy helps guide each woman through the darkness of their own particular neuroses, which the three patients will never be able to escape from in real life.

After making no progress for several weeks and before more invasive measures such as shock treatment are considered, Dr. Chantelle Bichon, an attractive French physician is assigned to Jeremy’s case. There is an immediate sexual tension between Dr. Bichon and her handsome silent patient. After weaving Dr. Bichon into the plot of his story, Jeremy opens up to the psychiatrist and shows her the erotic novel he’s been working on. At first Dr. Bichon thinks the novel doesn’t exist and the patient is delusional, but when she realizes “The Harem” is real, the psychiatrist finds herself drawn emotionally closer and more sexually attracted to this complex man. By analyzing the novel and though intensive therapy with her patient, Dr. Bichon searches for the missing piece of the puzzle which may lead Jeremy back to mental health and allow him to finish his book outside the walls of the asylum.

“The Harem” includes male domination, spanking, light bondage and several consensual erotic sexual fantasy scenes, engaged individually between a man and four different women.

Paul Preston is the author of an erotic trilogy called the Adam and Eve Series: The Awakening of Laura, Bella Lisa and Her Beast, and The Phantom Phillipe; The Obsession Series: The Good Dom, The Persian Princess and The Lost Angel; The Memoir of Veronica Wells and The Property of Edward James.

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