Alliance: The Series The Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy Series – ebook


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Alliance: The Series The Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy Series by Robert Murphy

Book One. The attacks by an unknown entity on the ships and outposts of four different worlds are becoming more frequent. Through a twist of fate, a survivor is discovered, and he’s managed to make a recording of his attackers performing acts so atrocious that his mind ceases to function. The recording reveals the attackers to be the savage and vicious Zog. The four worlds join forces becoming The Alliance, and after a long and brutal war, the Zog are defeated.

A select group of victors from each of the four worlds set out together on one ship to find older civilizations in the galaxy that no longer need nor desire war or conquest.

During their journey, the beautiful women, handsome men, and sexy aliens interact. Relationships form, passion and desires build – along with jealousies, frivolities and a good deal more! The intimate interactions among this unique coalition of species leave nothing to the imagination, and include eroticism, rough sex, humor, horror, spanking, graphic BDSM, straight, oral and anal sex.

And this is just the beginning! Where Book One leaves off, Book Two will begin with more the hot eroticism, sizzling passion, humor, horror and explicit sex.

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