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The Long Winding Road by JR Anthony

Erotic Romance. It’s the 1950’s. College freshman Laura Dornay and Airman Tony Giannelli, who is stationed at the Air Force base in upstate New York, meet on a blind date and fall deeply in love. However, Laura is haunted by sad memories of her and cannot make a commitment. Despite her love for Tony, she has a need for male attention, which creates ongoing conflict with Tony when she dates other men. Her behavior, especially after a few drinks, makes Tony wonder if she can be trusted. Yet their physical need for each other increases the longer they are together. After Tony is discharged from the service, he leaves to attend a school downstate. One weekend, he returns to surprise Laura only to find her leaving his former roommate’s car, drunk, with her blouse open, and her breasts exposed. It’s an immediate end to the relationship with Tony telling Laura that his love for her is never enough. She always needs more.

During her remaining time in college, Laura meets another airman, Bob Sheffington, and eventually he asks her to marry him. However, with troubling evidence of Bob’s drinking habits and his desire for a military career, Laura has her doubts about their marrying. One wintry night, on their way to Laura’s dorm after dancing and drinking, Bob is blinded by heavy snowfall and a truck driver’s high beams, resulting in a crash that pushes the car off the road and into a tree. Laura winds up hospitalized in a coma.

When Tony hears of Laura’s injury, he rushes to her bedside, where he remains until she regains consciousness. Laura finds Tony with his head against her bed and his hand holding hers. Only then does she realize that her feelings for Tony are more than for any other man. And now, for them both, a moment of decision has arrived!

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