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The Long Winding Road by JR Anthony

Erotic Romance. It’s the 1950’s. College freshman Laura Dornay and Airman Tony Giannelli, who is stationed at the Air Force base in upstate New York, meet on a blind date and fall deeply in love. However, Laura is haunted by sad memories of her and cannot make a commitment. Despite her love for Tony, she has a need for male attention, which creates ongoing conflict with Tony when she dates other men. Her behavior, especially after a few drinks, makes Tony wonder if she can be trusted. Yet their physical need for each other increases the longer they are together. After Tony is discharged from the service, he leaves to attend a school downstate. One weekend, he returns to surprise Laura only to find her leaving his former roommate’s car, drunk, with her blouse open, and her breasts exposed. It’s an immediate end to the relationship with Tony telling Laura that his love for her is never enough. She always needs more.

During her remaining time in college, Laura meets another airman, Bob Sheffington, and eventually he asks her to marry him. However, with troubling evidence of Bob’s drinking habits and his desire for a military career, Laura has her doubts about their marrying. One wintry night, on their way to Laura’s dorm after dancing and drinking, Bob is blinded by heavy snowfall and a truck driver’s high beams, resulting in a crash that pushes the car off the road and into a tree. Laura winds up hospitalized in a coma.

When Tony hears of Laura’s injury, he rushes to her bedside, where he remains until she regains consciousness. Laura finds Tony with his head against her bed and his hand holding hers. Only then does she realize that her feelings for Tony are more than for any other man. And now, for them both, a moment of decision has arrived!

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September 1956


“Welcome, Miss Dornay,” she said, smiling at me, “Your registration says that you are eighteen years of age, live here in town, and will be staying in the girl’s dormitory here on campus”

Turning back, I pointed to my friend, Diane, who was in line behind me, saying, “Yes, I’ll be living in the girl’s dorm and sharing a room with Diane Feretti.”

“That’s correct,” she replied, “That’s what your registration states. Please go in and meet some of the other girls who will be in your freshman class.”

“Thank you,” I reply, standing aside, to wait for my friends, Diane, and behind her, Mary Lynn Fredericks, both also waiting to register.

There are two lines in the auditorium; girls register in this line, and guys in the other line across the auditorium.

Diane and I both grew up here in town and were classmates at D’Youville Academy, the local Catholic high school for girls, and she is the one who introduced me to Mary Lynn Fredericks, who has since become a close friend, and who rooms next door to Diane and me.

Mary Lynn Fredericks is from downstate, and apparently, from a wealthy family. She is pretty, energetic, very outgoing, and friendly. She is also sensitive enough to realize that not all of us enjoy the same level of support she does, as there is nothing showy about her. When Diane first introduced us, we were immediately drawn together as friends.

Last week we moved into our dorm rooms, where we’ll be living during the school year. Classes will begin next Monday, but this week is Freshman Orientation: we’ll be hearing from Dean Ashford and other faculty members about the Rules of Conduct; regarding curfew hours, guests in dorm rooms, alcohol use in dormitories, cafeteria hours, health-related issues, and emergency evacuation procedures. This afternoon will give us a chance to meet some of the other freshman students.

After Diane registered, she came to stand by my side, as we wait for Mary Lynn to register. While we’re waiting, Diane nudges my arm, I turn to look at her and she whispers, “Laura, look over there where the guys are registering. See that guy, the third one behind the guy registering now. He’s been giving us the eye for some time. I noticed him looking our way for a while now, him and the guy behind him.

“Diane, do you want me to go over there, tell him you’re interested and give him your name and number?” I reply, laughing.

“No,” she replies, “but he sure is cute.”

Mary Lynn catches the end of our conversation as she walks toward us, and asks, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing serious, Mary Lynn, Diane noticed some guys who have been giving us the eye.”

Each taking Diane’s arm, Mary Lynn and I proceed to walk toward the auditorium stage, where all of the students had already registered and were congregated in groups, talking with each other.

That evening, the three of us are sitting with some of the other girls on our floor at a local watering hole not far from our dorm. Our classes begin Monday and we’re chatting about the professors and the courses we’ll be taking. Diane and I are the only girls in our freshman group who live here in town, as is Teresa Hastings, the only sophomore in the group. Mary Lynn and Barbara Fisher, rooming next door, are from downstate.

Sitting and drinking our beers and snacking, one of the girls asks, “Did anyone notice how few guys there are in our freshmen class? Apparently, teaching is not high up on the list of career fields for males.”

“Yeah!” one of the girls replies, “and of the few that there are, I didn’t see many that I would be interested in dating.”.

“Although,” remarks Teresa, “I have noticed that there are a lot of nice-looking guys around town from the airbase.”

“Yes!” replies Diane, as I turn to look at my roommate, my eyebrows raised to show my surprise.

Diane is quick to explain, “I met one of the guys from the airbase last weekend. I was with two friends at Finnegan’s, and there were two guys sitting at the table next to us. We started talking and soon, they joined our table and one of them danced with me most of the night. Before we left, he asked me if he could call me and I gave him my telephone number. Since then, we’ve gone out twice, once for lunch, and once to a bar in Keeseville.”

“How did it go?” asks Rosemary.

“He’s very nice! He was a gentleman and he’s a good dancer.” Diane replies. “I like him!”

One of the other girls, Beverly Haskins, said, “Lucky you, Diane, I didn’t have the same luck with my date.”

“Why, what happened?” one of the girls asks.

“Well,” Beverly answers, “things were going well, we went for a drink and dancing, and when he brought me back to the dorm, we parked for a while and he was feeling me up all over the place. I told him to stop, but he wouldn’t.”

“What did you do?” she asked.

“I pushed him away, opened the door and got out, and told him not to call me again,” Barbara replies.

I was surprised to learn how many of the girls had already met guys from the airbase, and as several of the other girls shared their experiences with the guys they had recently met, their comments were mostly favorable.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed our ‘gathering,’ I was surprised to learn that so many of the girls had already met guys from the airbase; and was more than a bit upset that Diane never said anything to me about it. We continue our chat, and as the curfew hour was nearing, we decided that it was time to get back to the dorm, promising that we would get together again from time-to-time, to share information regarding classes, boyfriends, dates, etc.

When we arrived back in our dorm room, I face Diane, asking, “Diane, I didn’t know you were dating a guy from the airbase. How come you didn’t say anything about this to me?”

Ignoring my question, she responds, “Laura, I have to ask you for a favor. I didn’t say anything to you because I just met him and I didn’t know anything about him and wasn’t sure if I wanted to see him again. Since we met, I’ve been with him twice. I think he’s a nice guy and I like him and I know he likes me. The favor I need to ask is this. I have a date this Friday with him, and I need to find someone to double-date with me.”

“Why? You’ve been out with him a couple of times already, why do you need me?”

“Well,” she replies, “when I told my dad that I met a guy from the airbase he was not very pleased that I was dating an airman. You know how strict my father is, so I told him I was double-dating with you, and you know how my folks feel about you, so he said, Okay! So, come on, Laura, please say yes!”

Grinning, I replied, “Okay, I’ll go, but do you know anything about the guy I’ll be with?”

Diane gives me a big hug, saying, “I don’t know whom Bill might have in mind, but I’ll tell him to make sure his friend is a nice guy.” Then she adds, “Oh goodie, Laura, I know we’ll have a good time!” as she gives me another quick hug.

Although I have dated a few guys, most of my dates were guys who either lived here in town and that I knew or guys who were from the college. I haven’t dated any of the guys from the airbase, which has only been activated for about a year. This is going to be new for me, and I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to this or not, but hey, I tell myself, you’ll be with your roommate, and it’s only for one night. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll never have to see the guy


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