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Becoming Miss Ashley’s Pet: A D/s Divorce – ebook



Becoming Miss Ashley’s Pet, A D/s Divorce by Chris Bellows
Charles Barrington, an ambitious attorney, plots to extract millions from a wealthy young woman. He is bright, yet too impatient to labor in impoverishment while the answer to his quest for financial comfort appears to lie with a client of his firm, Ashley Duval, the heiress to a huge fortune. Barrington romances her and seeks courtship solely for money, eventually marrying the lovely young woman. But unbeknownst Charles, Ms. Duval stays one step ahead of his scheming plot. This seemingly innocent heiress has certain genetic inclinations that cause her to strive for the subjugation of the male.
In a thought provoking plot, Charles, as the unwary plaintive in the divorce suit, expects millions in settlement – his financial dreams realized at last. But, his plan goes awry. He is instead subjected to thorough Female Domination by way of dog training, body modification, extreme humiliation, extensive oral service, canings, sensory deprivation, and a barrage of psychological ‘counseling’.
Once again, Chris Bellows tells an entertaining story that also titillates the prurient mind. In terms of D/s literature, this book is not for the initiate. This one-of-a kind narrative also includes creative bondage restraints, chastity devices, anal insertions, compulsory M/m oral and sex and vigorous discipline with the African sjambok, a uniquely designed punishment tool.

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