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By Brutal Beauty Bent by Lance Edwards, Femdom Short Stories

Enough timid stuff, we want serious excitement! We want monstrously dominant women enslaving pitiful failed males! We want hardcore adventures in bondage, discipline, humiliation, orgasm control, cuckoldry, forced fem & bi and of course sodomy of all kinds!

For those with such lusts, Jenna: A Vignette gives us a glimpse into what’s coming ” and who will not be. Then after The Cuddle Monster turns comforting into buggery, the only thing keeping a convict from being a Prison Bitch is his capacity to satisfy an insatiable overseer.

Interviewing The Cross-fit Club leads a cub reporter into the sissy-service of an entire team of exceptionally athletic college girls, while a Misunderstanding about date rape condemns another shy freshman to an even more emasculating fate. Even an accountant’s Dream Job cooking the books for a gang of lady bikers could cost him far more than merely his manhood.

What could be worse? A Spectacular Backfire results from nagging an overweight wife into joining a gym, while paying a feminist therapist leads to a Killer Cure for impotence. Big butch body-builders, rapist nurses, savagely vengeful ex-lovers, serial sexual predators and even the fatal fellatio of The Albino Empress also await any males who brave being By Brutal Beauty Bent.

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Jenna: A Vignette


Jenna’s voice has a snarl of demand in it, one I know well – and crave and dread even more.

“Okay bitch, you know what I want. Roll your ass over and give it up to me.”

“Do you have to use that one?” I wheedle, hating the babyish whine in my voice but unable to suppress it. In the midnight dimness I eye that monstrous cock with cringing timidity.

“I’m going to use whichever I choose. And I want hear you sobbing and squealing as you take it, rather than gasping and moaning like you love it. That’s what really turns me on. And being forced to submit to whatever I want is what really turns you on. We both know that. So shut up and roll over. I’m not going to say it again. Or do you want to spend the rest of the night afterwards cock-gagged, electro-plug-stuffed and hanging by your hogtying in the shower? I can leave the bare lights shining right in your eyes and the water dripping on your forehead again…”

Burning with humiliation, unable as ever to defy her (I’m almost certain to suffer exactly as described for questioning her anyway), I slide a pillow down the bed and roll over straddling it. My cock is throbbing with agony in the chastity device Jenna makes me wear; it began its helpless swelling the second I woke up to see her looming over me in the darkness.

Hulking and muscular, short butch hair and strong-jawed face, she’s six years older and much stronger and more forward than I am. In any case, seeing her strapped on turns my bowels to water, my personality into that of a cowed child and my penis into a trapped monster raging in its cage. Squirming to the pit of my conflicted soul, I bite my lip and feel hot tears start trickling even as I cock my unconscionably greedy ass up. Jenna breathes satisfied accusation at me as she moves between my spreading legs.

“There you go faggot! You love it even when it hurts you!”

“I’m not a faggot!” I whine. “You know men repel me. It’s you I’m hopelessly attracted to. And I can’t help it if I like in the ass from a dominant woman once in a while.”

“You love it in the ass from a dominant woman!” Jenna snarls. Her powerful hands spread eager cheeks still deep purple from their latest paddling. “You’d take it around the clock if you could get it. So take it now, bitch!”

Blunt and slick and big as a forearm and fist, Jenna’s erection forces its agonizing way into me. I cry out in distress and lift my hips higher, spreading my legs wider, trying uselessly to accommodate her. She lays hold of my thighs where they join my body, pulls back and thrusts forward, all powerful arms, rock-hard buttocks, indomitable strength and unrefusable lust.

Gasping with supreme satisfaction she drives unstoppably into me, stretching and stuffing me excruciatingly. Just as she’s insisted upon I sob and squeal and grit my teeth, making fists in the sheets and arching my back, toes curled up tight and my cock pulsing hotly on.

How long has it been since she’s let me come? It was Christmas wasn’t it, when I jerked off while she whipped me with the new single-tail she insisted I give her? Her soiled panties were so pungent covering my face, her nectar salty on my lips and sloshing noxiously in my belly…

Now its mid-September, and my pressure-cooker balls seem to boil with un-spill-able sperm. With no choice in the matter anyway, I give myself over to the only source of fulfillment of which I’m currently worthy. As Jenna bullies all the way in, pulls back and starts pounding away, I weep in bitter resignation, humiliated willingness, and oh-so addictive arousal at the sickly exhilarating subjugation beginning its endless escalation yet again.


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