No Whip, No Problem


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No Whip, No Problem by Ralph Greco Jr.
A story collection from erotica author, Ralph Greco; ten stories featuring take-charge ladies, from the novice player to the seasoned mistress, having their way with their willing “subs.’
A rousing spanking sets things straight between this couple in, After, the Coffee, then in John’s Very Last Hurdle he’s already had his cock-caged for who weeks, now she wants him to what? Suck another man’s cock! In Packing, a group of 30-something ladies out for the night sport secret strap-ons under their clothes looking for willing male recipients to take it in the ass. And What Cindy Might See turns into a whole new sexual world for her, while watching the writhing Bruce being dominated by his playful girlfriend.
It’s good clean consensual fun when a woman takes charge and plays the Dominant to men willing to submit to their naughty sex games. The woman in question doesn’t even need to wield a whip to make her intention plain.
Female domination, mind games, toy play, sweet sexual humiliations, hot spanking, and plenty of varied BDSM sexcapades ensue across this themed collection of naughty stories.

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