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Chained Convict For Life: The Biography of Sabrina by JG Leathers
A triple novel.
Since she can remember, 26 year old Sabrina, has dreamed of being dominated and controlled by her “dream master’. When she meets Thomas she’s sure she’s found that man! Moving into his Munich home, Sabrina agrees to “The Judgement’ ” a comprehensive document that indicates how she might serve a sentence of life long imprisonment in a secret dungeon cell”this being her most deeply cherished dream. Although it’s just a “fantasy’ to start, it’s not long before Thomas creates a set of full-body restraints”a Stainless Steel Restraint And Discipline Harness. The extremely effective ensemble is worn over an inescapable, rubber Dungeon Suit, complete with attached feet, thick neoprene gloves and a face-concealing mask. Once locked in this personalized prison, Sabrina is utterly helpless to remove it and can only struggle uselessly”regretting her foolish desire to be so securely confined and controlled. In addition, she is chain-leashed to the cell wall, inside Thomas’s secret dungeon. While occasionally free of the restraints, Sabrina’s bad behaviour quickly sends her back to the prison, where she is confined for longer and longer periods”eventually to be imprisoned for the rest of her life!
Joining Thomas is Bab’s, a sadistic accomplice, this lady jailer is a veritable fountain of evil schemes! As Sabrina moves deeper into her submissive state, she is subjected to more intense bondage, stringent penalties and intimate and very permanent jewellery mounted in her body”not to mention a sentence of Hard Labour there is no way for her to avoid. Sabrina has agreed to and signed her Judgement, throwing away all of her safe words; thus her jailers are permitted free rein to enjoy their secret toy in any manner they see fit. Sabrina is the perfect example of the old proverb: “Never wish too hard for something …. It might just come true.”

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