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Prince of Slaves by Leigh Tanner

BDSM Erotica. Enticed into a SM world of deep pain and extreme pleasure, Charles desires the beautiful Lady Reeve, but he must first prove his worth to Mistress Lillian. She orders him to the Silver R Ranch for intensive training. As the first male slave sent there Charles struggles under the rough tutelage of Mistress Daphne and Mistress Tamera. Afterwards, at a slave fair, he is ultimately enslaved by not one, but the five stunning, demanding woman of the consortium known as The Inner Circle, one of whom is Lady Reeve. He should be content, but a clandestine encounter at the slave fair with the exotic, submissive Mei Lein arouses his dominant character. Can Charles straddle both worlds? Be the submissive and a Master as well? Or will the seductive power of the Inner Circle force him to choose between his dominant and submissive natures? Slave training, discipline, ritual, pony play, multiple dominatrixes along with fem-fem, fem-male and male-fem dominant-submissive scenes, stringent bondage, rope, whipping, gags, cuffs and suspension.

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