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Christine’s Story by J. A. Smith

There’s nothing like having experienced friends when it comes to getting a sexual education. For the trim and pretty coed, Christine, her education begins when her friend Linda teaches her how to suck cock using a Popsicle as a training aid. Then it’s Barb, the barista in the campus coffee shop, who moves her into bisexual territory at a tequila tasting party that quickly turns into a pussy tasting. Megan, who she meets at a lesbian bar, introduces her to swinging at a wild swinging party. Then she learns about anal naughtiness from Julie, while Kimber introduces her to toys and vibrators. Sandy and Suzy teach her about dominance, submission, and S& M play.

However, what Christine really wants is love. She’s never had a serious relationship with a man. The closest being Eric, a man in the military who she hasn’t seen in two years. However, when she hears that he’s been injured in combat and is coming home, she jumps at the chance to meet him at the airport. It is possible that they could start something new! It takes just one look at this handsome, mature man in uniform to know that she’s wanted Eric all along, and he’ll be the one to teach her about love.

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Christine and Eric are in her bedroom. She has on a sheer dress; she stands before him. Her titties push against the fabric of the dress with her hardening nipples evident. Eric and Christine are facing each other a few feet apart. He is tall and handsome. Although Eric is fully dressed, Christine checks him out, head to toe, in anticipation of what is to come.

Christine has only known Eric a couple hours. She had gone to a favorite bar with a couple of her girlfriends. They were not looking to pick up guys; it was more of an end of day, wind down drink.

Christine was not even looking around the room; she looked up and he was standing at the bar looking at her. She quickly looked away, remembering the lesson on The Look, she got from Joann, years ago at the County Fair. When she looked back, he was looking at her, but now, he was smiling.

He pointed at her, then to himself. He put out his right arm and bent his left arm in the position of dancing. He wiggled a little as a pretend dance. Christine got it; he is asking, in sign language, to dance. Six dances and another drink later, she invited him home with her. This is not a normal behavior for Christine; she was just so comfortable with him. Christine is very happy their eyes happened to meet earlier in the evening.

In her bedroom, Eric makes the first move, removing his shirt. He is a few years older than Christine…in his late-twenties. He is nicely built and obviously hits the gym regularly. Christine watches closely. He unbuckles his belt and unbuttons the top button of his pants. He slides the zipper down and slowly drops his pants passed his hips. He steps out of them; he stands before her only wearing his underwear. Christine’s pussy is responding by getting wet in anticipation. There is a large bulge in his shorts. She cannot wait to see his cock.

It is now Christine’s turn. She brushes back the long blond hair that has moved near her left eye. She has two pieces of clothing on…it will not take long. Her sheer dress comes over her head in a single move. Her titties are visible to Eric. She is down to her thong panties. The bulge in his shorts gets bigger.

They move closer together. He brushes her hair back, holds her tight, and kisses her. He can feel her titties against his chest; she can feel his hardness on her abdomen. Still holding her, he lets one hand drop to caress her smooth ass cheeks. He thinks he is in danger of his hard cock ripping a hole in the front of his underwear.

Christine backs up a little; she places her thumbs into the waistband of his shorts. To prolong the anticipation, she slowly lowers them. His shorts have difficulty getting passed his hard-on. When she gets them down far enough, his cock springs out to greet her. Eric loves this part when the girl sees his cock for the first time. Christine removes his shorts and looks at his package. He has a great set of full balls; his cock is long and thick. It is one of the largest cocks she has ever seen. It stands at ridged attention before her.

Christine drops to her knees; she takes Eric’s cock into her mouth. Her lips slide over the head and down the shaft. She cups his balls, while she sucks his cock. Her mouth moves slowly up and down. She softly touches his cock with her lips. When she gets to the head of his cock, she lets her tongue slide over the end. Eric is having trouble keeping his balance, as she pleasures him with her mouth and tongue. He has to stop her before he shoots off his cum too quickly.

Christine still has on her thong panties. She did not want to remove them right away; she wanted Eric to have to wait to see her pussy. She gets on the bed. Lying on her back, she lets Eric remove her panties. He slides them off; he can finally see all of her. Christine enjoys guys looking at her pussy. Once the panties are off, Christine spreads her legs wide. He can see all of her pussy and asshole. It is a huge turn on for Eric too. He is looking at her moist opening, knowing he will be entering her soon.

Eric’s cock is dripping pre-cum. He moves between her legs. He gently licks the inside of her thighs. Christine wants his mouth and tongue on her pussy. He wants it as much as she does, but he moves slowly…making her wait for it.

When his tongue finally touches her pussy, she puts her head back and shudders. His tongue is gentle and soft; sometimes it is so soft, she is not sure he is licking her. The feeling is terrific. Eric licks all around the opening. He pushes the lips apart with the tip of his tongue, to probe her inner wetness. He moves a finger to touch her pussy lips while his tongue is on her clit.

Usually, guys will lick her a short time, then want their cock in her. Eric is different; he licks her slowly, as she squirms on the bed. Christine wants to be fucked, but she does not want him to stop licking her right now. Eric occasionally lets his tongue drift lower, licking her asshole opening. This is the first time Christine has been licked back there. It is so naughty but feels so nice. Eric works mostly on her pussy; he does lick her rear hole a few times.

Christine is moaning. She pushes her pussy into his mouth. “Eric, that is really good.” She feels her pussy moving toward orgasm. “I want your gorgeous cock in my cunt! I want you to fuck me.” Christine usually does not talk this nasty. Eric has turned her into a cock-craving, horny woman.

Eric moves between her legs. His large thick cock is at maximum hardness. It is purple and glistening. The tip of it touches her soaking wet opening. He is very gentle making sure it is not too thick for her. He slowly works it in with small strokes at first, getting slowly deeper in her. Soon, she has all of it; his balls are hitting her asshole. He varies the depth and speed. Sometimes only using the head of his cock, other times burying it in her.

Christine is lost in passion. Her pussy is in control of her entire body. This is about her and her pussy. She whimpers and moans, as Eric’s cock pounds her in long deep strokes. “Don’t stop,” she begs. “Please don’t stop!” Her pussy explodes into orgasm.

The contractions of her pussy on his cock are more than Eric can take. They push him into shooting his cum deep into her. He keeps the strokes going as long as he can, before stopping and lying on top of her.

It takes Eric and Christine several minutes to return to planet earth. When Eric removes his cock from her, a little of his cum mixed with her pussy juices drip out of her. Christine can feel the wetness running down over her butt hole.

Christine has classes in the morning; they need to call it a night. He gets dressed, hugs Christine, and gives her a soft kiss on the cheek. “That was wonderful Christine.” He is smiling at her. “I went to the bar tonight to get a beer. I lucked out meeting you.” He gives her another hug, then leaves.

When Christine is lying in her bed afterwards, she reminisces back on the unexpected, erotic evening. She does not usually pick up guys this quickly. Her slinky body and attractive looks has always gotten guys to notice her. This night things just fell into place. She likes Eric and hopes this is not going to be a one-nightstand.

The next morning there is an email from Eric.


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