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Aunt Daisy’s Secret, Spanking Erotica by Lizbeth Dusseau

Erotic Spanking Romance. Both Historical and Comtemporary settings.A broken down old house is about to destroy an almost broken marriage, until Melanie discovers a secret in her Aunt’s attic: a diary detailing a hot romantic love affair from the 1940’s, with a perfect solution for Melanie’s current troubles with her husband, Tony. Does she dare tell him about this shocking idea?
Once Melanie has her first session across her husband’s lap, she discovers that submitting to her dominant Tony satisfies a deep need & ignites her sexual passion! And it’s only the beginning, as Melanie finds submitting to bare-bottomed discipline turns her whole life upside down! Spanking, Domestic Discipline & sexuality

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. . . after a good five minutes, Tony’s hand began to ache.  He realized that if he was to continue, he would have to find some other implement to use, instead of his hand.  Stopping all of a sudden, he pushed Melanie from his lap.

“Go get the butter paddle from the kitchen,” he ordered.  It was the first thing that popped into his mind.

“The butter paddle?” she said looking down on him in surprise.  Her face was flushed but very beautiful.

“You heard me.”

Melanie started at his grim retort.  It was exactly the way she wanted him to be, not giving an inch, demanding, not cajoling.  She was on fire from the very core of her being.

“Now!” Tony barked, when she didn’t move immediately.  Melanie realized that all her excitement made her hesitate.

“I’m sorry,” she managed to whisper and she left the room on the way to the kitchen to retrieve the implement he wanted.  Finding the paddle in the drawer by the stove, she hardly had time to think about it before she was at Tony’s side again.

“Thank you,” he said, when she handed him.  Only then did she observe the nasty thing.  Never having really thought about the possibilities of the kitchen utensil, it suddenly took on an ominous quality.  The five by seven size business end was perfectly carved to do the nasty deed that Tony wanted it for.  It had a functional handle that fit perfectly in his hand.

Without saying a word, he laid the paddle down on his desk next to him, and pulled Melanie back over his lap.

“Let’s do it the right way,” he advised her.  To her surprise, he lifted the waistband of her lycra shorts and began to pull them down over her hips . . .


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