Claudia’s Surrender: The Case of the Reluctant Submissive – ebook



Claudia’s Surrender: The Case of the Reluctant Submissive by S J Lewis

Two years before, the lovely redhead Claudia enjoyed a wild sexual vacation of kinky and submissive sex, surrendering body and soul to the dominant Sam. But that was just a vacation, wasn’t it? Now Sam Pender is back in Claudia’s life and he expects the same kind of sexual surrender he enjoyed with her before.
As a hard-nosed Private Investigator, running her own business, Claudia hasn’t had time for men since that memorable holiday. But with Sam back, she’s reminded of the kinky sex that thrilled her. Once she’d bound, gagged and forced to submit, she can stop being Claudia Cole, respected businesswoman, and turn into the lusty, horny, kinky submissive ‘Red’. All it takes is her surrender. Even so, she fights her desires for submission. Does she really want this relationship to stick?
When Sam is abruptly called away on an urgent business matter, Claudia’s suddenly lonely, sad and angry, afraid that she’ll never see him again. Although she does get her chance. An unexpected call from Sam has her putting her own business aside and traveling across the country to solve a sticky mystery that requires her professional expertise. Intrigue, danger and shady characters stir a twisted plot Claudia is hired two solve, while at the same time, she tries to resolve the battle with the kinky sexuality she both needs and fights.
This new novel from the author of Female Prey, is both a crime drama and Bdsm erotica. Expect hard D/s action between this pair of testy lovers, including bondage, handcuffs, chains, duct tape gags, spanking, enforced nudity, forced oral, self-bondage, female masturbation and lots of hard, hot and graphic sex.

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