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A Wife Takes Control by Rebecca Tarling

Rebecca Tarling, a bored and frustrated wife, surfs the net, landing on a female-led website, with real-life stories of women whose experiences mirror her own – at least until these women take control of their relationships with husbands ripe for a marital role reversal. Husbands like her own bankrupt and depressed example. Can she do what these women have done? With the help of a gorgeous and powerful black goddess, with something special between her legs, that question will soon be answered. Rebecca’s life changes from mundane to euphoric. Even her abject and diminished husband will have an entirely different view of marital fulfilment… He was naked and shackled and upon all fours on the carpet as his erstwhile interviewer dropped a sober skirt to reveal thighs equally as shapely as the calves below before presenting his befuddled eyes with… A cock! A cock that looked to his suddenly blurry and disorientated gaze at least twice as thick and long as his own; and felt twice as big again when it entered where no cock or like implement had been before. BDSM F/m F/f, with shackles, cock-cage, punishment, humiliation, and shemale.

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