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Dangerous Redemption by Lance Edwards

He spots her in a nightclub dancing a sexy salsa, hips bumping and grinding to the heavy beat. Her singular beauty and hot Latin passion have him mesmerized. But it’s not until she takes him home to an abandoned part of town that the action gets truly serious. Buttons start popping, the strip tease begins, and suddenly a pair of handcuffs appear, and Mark is helplessly cuffed to her bed. Regardless of the danger he faces with this formidable dominatrix, the Goddess Julia has him firmly in her grasp and he’s too dazed to stop her. Over the next 24 hours she initiates him into the world of feminine domination, introducing him to bondage, whipping, degradation, even mock asphyxiation, from which he believes he’ll not recover. Julia is not your dime-store sadist; her demented vision goes far deeper than simple bdsm play. However, this time, Goddess Julia finds herself uniquely intrigued by this latest victim. Rather than dispatch him as she usually does with her slaves, she sets him free to “think about’ the life she offers him as her personal slave. She dares him to return.

However, have his “freedom’ is no easy out for Mark. She’s drained his bank account. His cock is locked in chastity cage. And though he knows that he should take off and never look back, Mark’s obsessed with the humiliation, with bondage, pain, and the intoxicating Goddess Julia. Returning to her lair, he joins her male slaves in a specially equipped dungeon. His own cell. A new name, Marcy. He knows his life will never be the same, and still he’s there.

Again and again, Goddess takes him to the limits of his endurance, while he witnesses firsthand the intense nature of the woman’s madness. Plagued by her sinister demons, she’s on a personal mission to redeem herself from their control. But will her quest lead redemption or demise for this powerful female and her newest slave? A high-energy, action packed story for Femdom readers into Hardcore BDSM. Not for the uninitiated reader.

The graphic content includes everything from bondage and whipping, to handcuffs, nipple clamps, and strap-on dildos, to degradation, smothering, bullwhips, hemostats, a Bowie knife, taser, harness, gag, butt plug, noose, waxing, branding, piss drinking and hot coals.

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“Pay up. We’re going to my place. I’m going to fuck you.”

Somehow I contained my amazed elation. This girl was unbelievable!

“Whatever you say, m’ lady,”

I imagined I was being cool, not offering an honorific. But right away she accepted it as such.

“Whatever I say,” she agreed again most seriously. Only I didn’t realize how serious she was until we’d made it to her house (isolated amid a block of abandoned industrial buildings) and upstairs into her rather creepily appointed bedroom.

There she lit over a dozen tall black candles, and put on some wildly jamming Carlos Santana. Then turned on me and violently ripped off all my clothes.

Popping buttons and tearing seams indiscriminately, she destroyed my stylish garments in seconds and then shoved me brusquely down onto her enormous bed. As I caught my breath, rode my whirling head and sought to process all this, Julia yanked open a nearby cabinet and produced two sets of shiny steel handcuffs.


What had I gotten myself into here? Somehow I again found my voice.

“What-what-what are you going to do with those?” I stammered.

“What do you think I’m going to do, stupid?” Julia sneered.

“I am going to chain you to my bed. And you ain’t fucking leaving it until I’m damn good and done with you! In fact, I fully intend to fuck you absolutely senseless, until you’re out of your ridiculous mind. And if you value having anything left of that mind or even of your pathetic original self when I’m done, you had damn well better not ejaculate! At least not until I allow it. Believe me, failing me like that could cost you everything you have or ever will!”

Holy SHIT! Was this chick serious?

Clearly she was. Yet as unnerving (and obviously foolish) as it was to let a total (not to mention possibly crazy) stranger incapacitate me, I couldn’t resist. Obviously such a dominant woman would not take no for an answer. So what else was I to do: run out naked on the finest piece of ass I’d ever seen, much less managed to hook up with? Forget about it! Fucking a girl this gorgeous was worth whatever it cost.

In fact, the unexpected even added a dangerous spice of excitement (as if I needed it) to this impossibly compelling encounter. My cock was so hard it hurt as beautiful Julia locked each wrist into one cuff of her matching manacles. Then she spread my arms wide above me and linked the others to thick wooden bars (their finish extensively scarred) set into the solid oak headboard.

After that I lay helpless in the middle of her sumptuous duck-down mattress and watched in disbelief as Julia picked up my ripped pants and located my wallet. Without even a glance at me she emptied it of cash. Stowing that thick sheaf of bills – shit, almost half a week’s pay – into her purse, she paused to sniff up a several sparkling lines of high-grade cocaine. No wonder she needed the money. Then she began to strip. Too (literally) captivated and intimidated to protest at being so blithely robbed, I settled for staring avidly at Julia’s heavenly body as it was bared. As anticipated (and perhaps even proper), this incredible sight was worth the seven hundred dollars or so she’d just taken.

Forget about what I’d already seen: her satiny Latin skin was the same unblemished, exquisite shade of bronze everywhere. But now that flawless flesh was gleaming bright gold in the candlelight, as though both burnished without and intrinsically lit from within. Her close-cropped hair hid nothing of this, and I eagerly drank in every inch. The curve of her neck, the set of her shoulders, the slender small of her back: these amazed and aroused me no less than her familiar well-muscled limbs, pear-shaped rear and firm, upswept, perfectly-matched oversized breasts. So dark they seemed almost black, her finally revealed nipples made big, hard, half-inch pegs centered on expansive alveoli. Glossy jet indeed was her trimmed-up pubic patch, and my fear-dry mouth watered at the sight of her finally revealed slit.

“Oh, my God, you’re so incredible,” I helplessly moaned, as Julia tossed her panties aside and purposefully approached the bed. Instantly she corrected me, bounding atop my bound body and glaring down from only inches away.

“I am not your God!” she yelled. “I am your fucking Goddess! And so you will always address me! And I am indeed incredibly incredible! You, on the other hand, are a weak, worthless male and pathetic peon! And I’m going to bless you far beyond belief tonight by using you for my every depraved pleasure!” Julia paused for a second, checking me for signs of rebellion. Finding none she proceeded.

“Of course, this is an honor so far beyond your worth that you could spend an eternity in my service and never deserve it! Therefore you will meekly submit to me absolutely! You will satisfy me completely if you ever wish to leave. Understood?”

Holy fuck, was she unnerving! Julia was so fearsomely beautiful, so implacably determined and steely unyielding! She scared the fucking shit out of me. And yet having that incredibly strong, springy body squashed atop mine instantly eradicated any last remnant of will I might have harbored. Julia’s surpassingly potent sexuality had enslaved me the instant I saw her after all. Now with her amazing body upon me it claimed me absolutely. Instantly subservient, I obeyed without blinking.

“Yes, Goddess!”

“Good. I am going to take you now!” Striking with the swiftness of a snake, Julia’s face suddenly darted down and her thick lips battened on mine. Thrusting her tongue inside me she began kissing so aggressively that all I could do was open my mouth and accept and enjoy that oral onslaught. For many long minutes she hungrily devoured me, while I lay quiescent beneath her and felt my impossibly hard cock throb.

Crushed flat by her straddling crotch, with my sensitive underside gripped by her slick groove, I moaned with maddening need and yet dared not even lift my hips. Already leaking pre-come I had no idea how I’d ever be able to hold off ejaculating once she actually started fucking me. Apparently I still had quite a while yet in which to worry about this though.

My new Goddess Julia seriously believed in foreplay. From voraciously probing the opening of my face her mouth soon wandered down to fasten on my neck. There she began sucking like a starving vampire, ratcheting up our mutual excitement until I was keening with need. Reveling in that madly erotic draining sensation, I somehow found myself fantasizing about actually being such a victim.

Talk about kinky! Just by giving me hickies Julia already had me belonging to her in the weirdest way. And the more angry red love-bites she left all over my throat, the more bizarre the fantasies that accompanied her ravenous suckling.

I was a tender young virgin, and she an ageless succubus. I was being drained of my blood and soul simultaneously, gladly entering into her eternal service without a care for what it cost me. I moaned as my humanity left me, reveling in being reduced to a mere empty shell. I was less than chattel, a mere shadow of a being forevermore in thrall to the dark deity claming me. Oh how madly horny she was making me! But at last Julia finished feasting at my throat and moved down to attack my nipples.

Not only did she lick and suck these. She bit and pulled them too. Seizing them in her teeth, she stretched them out from my body until I whimpered piteously. One after the other she aroused and abused these fundamental foci, until I found myself thrashing beneath her, turned on and pained in equal measure. More voracious by the minute Julia soon moved on to enjoy the rest of me – though not without leaving a potent reminder.

She slid up my body until she was straddling my belly, leaving my erection (wet with her discharge) to strain upward unattended. Reaching above me she slid open one of three thin drawers set side by side in the headboard. From this she withdrew a short length of fine steel chain with large toothed clamps at either end. Right away she clipped each of these onto my tender erect nipples, bringing an involuntary cry of pain from me. Then Julia again fell atop me, this time burying my face between her breasts.

Incredibly aggressive, she proceeded to maul me sexually. Twining her fists into my shoulder-length hair she held my head tight and began twisting her torso violently side to side. Growling angrily she thrashed my face with those wonderfully sumptuous tits: slapping my cheeks with their heavily hanging weight and scraping their large hard caps roughly against me. Pausing repeatedly to bury my mouth and nose in the silken press of her cleavage Julia smothered me to the point of autonomic panic before resuming her amazingly energetic battering. Finally however she had a need I could not passively meet. She ceased her urgent twisting by pressing her taut left breast tightly against the lower half of my face, its protuberant nipple forcing its way between my lips. Naturally I accepted this eagerly, and was only too happy to follow her harshly barked orders.

“Suckle me male! Feed my need for suzerainty!”

Suckle her I did, with all my energy and skill. And when Goddess demanded that I use my teeth as she had I nibbled and nipped and even chewed on that rubbery tip, bringing cries of masochistic ecstasy from her. She paused then to batter me briefly about some more, grinding that spit-slick point hard against my entire face before forcing the other nipple upon me for equally fervent treatment. All this time of course my poor cock remained utterly ignored – which was probably a good thing. Writhing in place, chafing my wrists against the tight manacles, I was becoming more outrageously turned on by the instant. Pulsing with the rapid beat of my heart that harder-than-ever hard-on showed no inclination toward softening. Eager as I was to put it to use I still dreaded the challenge of trying to maintain it once that holy ecstasy was finally upon me.

Of course my trial of suspense was far from over. As I’ve indicated, Goddess Julia’s coked-up idea of foreplay was as sustained as it was incredibly aggressive. Finally satisfied with my work on her breasts Julia yanked them away from me. Rising to her knees she moved forward until she was straddling my face. Looming above me she began to finger herself, coaxing open the glistening pink of her labia. Pulling upward she un-hooded her clitoris, which proved to be remarkably large as it sprang forth – by far the biggest I’d even seen. Lowering herself to push this against my mouth she continued ordering me about in the most scathing fashion – a manner I for some reason found to be as perversely arousing as the rest of her imperious personality.

“That’s right peon, suck my big stiff clit. Service it like you can’t get enough. Your entire existence is now about providing me with pleasure. So get on with it slave! Suck me off, you disgustingly greedy slut!”

Apparently I was already providing her with plenty of pleasure. Soon Julia lapsed into incoherent moans, and began thrusting her crotch rhythmically against me, forcing her ever more engorged clitoris in and out of my pursed, sucking lips. She was actually fucking my mouth with it. Her fingers again knotted in my hair, holding me helpless as she used me, and oh my unacknowledged cock throbbed and bobbed and seemed to radiate enough heat to warm the entire house.

Five short minutes of this and those moans turned to cries, which in turn escalated to piercing screams that seemed to reverberate around the high-ceilinged room. I had a second to wonder about the neighbors, another to recall the isolated nature of the house, and then Julia thrust hard against my face, crushing me into the pillow and going as rigid as a statue. Then my mouth was flooded with liquid as she ejaculated.

Once again this was unprecedented in its magnitude, and I almost choked as she gushed into me. Her issue overflowed my lips, and then was promptly smeared all over my face as Goddess gasped and growled and began grinding her crotch roughly against me. Trimmed short enough to form wiry bristles her pubic hair scoured my lips, chin and cheeks, abrading me mercilessly, and the heavy press of her vulva and surrounding saddle so restricted my breathing that I could only get scant sips of air through my nose. Still she held my head tight in her fists (pulling my hair painfully), crushed me beneath her and rocked atop me until every last shuddering throe of her extravagant climax had run its course. Then she rose up just enough to permit me helplessly gasping access to her sticky, dripping genitalia.

“Clean me, peon! You caused this mess, now tidy it up!”

Still madly if inexplicably excited about being so abusively used I eagerly complied, lapping away at every crevice, fold, and silken surface. And even when I had her pristine I continued licking and probing with my tongue and nibbling with my lips, performing the expert cunnilingus she’d not given me a chance to earlier. This quickly got Goddess groaning again and encouraged I became ever more fervent in my attentions. Soon enough though I was forced to revert once more to that state of humbly submitting passivity Julia’s innate aggression required and which I found so surprisingly stimulating.

“Just stick your tongue up me as far as you can and keep it there!” she ordered vehemently. “Let me fuck it like a dick!” And of course she proceeded to do just that.

Once again my hair was painfully pulled by the roots as my head was held captive by fists and thighs; once again my face was roughly abraded as it was rudely ridden by pumping hips and a rocking crotch. Once again I found myself struggling to breathe as my airway was obstructed by pussy, and soon this difficulty was increased to a seriously distressing extreme. Then once again I experienced a perversely compelling frisson that would have enormous implications for my future.

After wildly fucking my outthrust tongue to another incredible climax, Goddess Julia suddenly shifted fractionally forward before once again using her wet, fragrant crotch to compress my captive head deep into the pillow. Now though the heavy press of her flesh not only sealed away my mouth but completely blocked my nostrils as well. And she showed no intention of moving despite my sudden frantic struggles. She even giggled sadistically at me as she effectively smothered me.

Overwhelmed by panic I thrashed about, scraping the wooden bars my wrists were cuffed to even as I chafed those wrists worse than they already were. Of course those bars were also already deeply scored by the struggles of Goddess knew how many bound men who’d suffered here previously. But I was well past worrying about damaging the woodwork or even the far more vulnerable flesh and bone of my suddenly extremely peripheral extremities. Eyes bulging I looked up past the flat plane her belly. Between the shadowed rounds of those heavy breasts Julia’s bared teeth gleamed and her dark eyes sparkled with mirth as she peered down at me.

“I am your Goddess, yes? Then you should always be prepared, even eager to make the ultimate sacrifice for me. To give up your life to my sexual service would be the most surpassing ecstasy possible, ensuring an eternity of rapturous submission to me as a favored member of my heavenly harem. And what better way to pass on to that blessed state could there be than suffocating under my pussy? You should be grateful for such a gloriously rare ascension!”

Flickering fire-gold shone on Goddess’ flawless skin, limned her tar-black hair and danced in her impishly glittering eyes. Despite my most violent, adrenaline-fueled struggles she remained implacably in place, easily subduing my attempts to dislodge her and taking a fiendish glee in my panicked reaction. Yet still she remained inconceivably beautiful to me, her effortless omnipotence madly arousing even in my extremity.

Darkness began to close in on me, a tunnel vision through which she loomed remotely above me in celestial splendor, truly a deity of wondrous femininity just waiting to triumphantly claim me. My energies exhausted at last I slumped into flaccidity and willingly took the option she’d afforded me, surrendering my soul to her eternal possession even as consciousness fled and my mortal life seemed certain to follow suit.

But of course that wasn’t the end. At that penultimate moment Goddess’ richly appreciative laughter pealed forth again and her smothering weight lifted off my face. The air of the room, warm and redolent of her sex as it was, instantly revived me, and as I gasped and panted in renewed respiration the room spun about me, a vertiginous career that was sickening and yet desperately welcome. Still beautiful Julia laughed on and on, and when my head finally steadied it was to see her still towering over me in all her irrefusible loveliness, grinning down and smugly shaking her head.

“Forget about it, male! You haven’t nearly earned admittance to my harem yet. I haven’t even tried your cock for heaven’s sake! Let’s see what that thing can do for me before I even begin to consider adding you to my mortal stable. Then you’d still have an interminable purgatory to endure there before achieving the transcendence you seek. In the meantime, let’s wallow in the garden of earthly delights for a while!”

Perhaps it was merely the swooning relief and oxygen rush after an overload of adrenaline. But the sense of heightened, almost paranormal clarity that suffused me not only rendered the entire scene in excruciating detail but raised my emotional awareness as keenly as the perceptual. As Goddess Julia gripped my throbbing erection in her fist and began briskly pumping on it the sensation was more exquisitely arousing than anything in my experience.

Despite (or surely because of) my recent brush with mortality I was instantly brimming with desperate carnality. Within a dozen strokes of her strong right arm (those incredible breasts jiggling an amazingly exciting dance) Julia had brought me to the brink of orgasm and over. Helpless to prevent this appalling proof of inadequacy I cried out both in wretchedly guilty release and woeful terror at what this felony might cost me as my balls suddenly convulsed and my hot load fountained messily out of me.

Of course that cost was unfathomably excessive, both on the instant and in its incredible eventual entirety. Despite Goddess’ dire threats and obvious capability to carry them out I’d failed her miserably, and in her view clearly deserved the worst. She lost no time in meting out my initial punishment.

“How DARE you!” she screeched. Instantly she released my still spouting prick and slammed her hard fist directly into my balls. Then as I writhed and retched and tried fruitlessly to come to terms with the nuclear bloom of red-hot agony that exploded within me she continued her furious tirade.

“I warned you! Didn’t I warn you what would happen if you failed to satisfy me, if you dared to come before I gave my permission? It seems you want to go straight into my heavenly kingdom without even any earthly pleasures or interminable purgatory in my basement stable first! Believe me, when you go by that route you’re nothing but the lowliest slave up there, fit only for eternal toilet service!

“At the very least you may have just sacrificed the ability to ever climax again, either here or in the afterlife with that appallingly egregious sin! We’ll just have to see. It depends on how much other pleasure – and recompense – I can extract from of you this evening. Besides punishing you extensively and draining you of everything of mortal value I have at least one other particularly rewarding use for a disgustingly weak and sinful piece of shit like you. There’s more than one way to fuck a man after all. So you just wait here and think about what you’ve gotten yourself into. I’ll be back in a bit. I need to coke back up and get properly outfitted for this action!”

Seething with fury, Goddess Julia rose above me. She climbed off her enormous, cloud-soft bed and disappeared through a nearby door – probably a closet. Still gasping and weeping and broiling with a sweat of nauseated agony, I was left alone to follow orders and contemplate my suddenly hideously precarious situation.


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