The Very Cumbersome Confessions of Claude-Patrick – ebook


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The Very Cumbersome Confessions of Claude-Patrick by Just-thony

The Red-Light district of Amsterdam is not only the biggest but also the most prominent Sex-Zone in the world. More than 6,000 sex workers, Gay Men, Trans Women, Lesbians and Heterosexuals work 8 hours-shifts on a daily basis; while nearly 150,000 sex clients make use of their sexual services 24 hours a day. Everyone knows that clients seek out sex workers in search of physical pleasure. What most don’t know is what a sex client can experience with a gay male sex worker. It’s not just regular sex that clients want. Many go in search of the weird, the strange or even the out-of-this-world kind of sex act. And in some cases, what they would never experience unless they are afforded the opportunity to be a sex worker themselves.

Claude-Patrick, a 21 year old Dutch gay male, works in one of Amsterdam’s sex cabins, and has decided to share with readers what his gay male, heterosexual and bisexual-boys-clients ask him to do. He reveals in graphic, almost cinematographic, detail everything to know about the weird secrets and bizarre sex acts that take place in a sex cabin. He also shares why his clients choose only gay men. He even reveals how much he’s paid. Amazing that clients are willing to spend thousands of euros to realize their craziest sexual fantasies. They are able to achieve the kind of satisfaction that they are unable to get from boyfriends, wives and husbands. Of course, the boyfriends, husbands and wives wouldn’t even know such kinky pleasure and sexual fantasies exist.

This unusual book reveals everything there is to know about the world of gay male sex workers and the population they serve in most renowned Red-Light District in the world. Includes oral and anal sex, anal orgasm, Scottish golden showers, piss drinking, psychological torture, punishment and a good deal more.

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