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Heather by Charles Arnold

Even before she was born Heather’s life is determined by her uncle, an extremely wealthy and brilliant scientist, Doctor Bruno. Without ever contacting her he pays to send her to the best universities. He also sees to it that she is raised by a black nannie who is practiced in the occult arts. Through her growing up Heather’s dreams and desires are controlled by Carmella, her nanny. After her graduation she and her new husband are, on the orders of Doctor Bruno, kidnapped by cruel mountain men and held captive for several weeks. Heather quickly learns what it means to be a slave.

A year before Heather’s birth Doctor Bruno performed the first successful experiment in cross breeding between man and animal. The father’s seed came from the highest order of the ape family, a bonobo. The mother was Carmella, Hester’s nannie. The result of Doctor Bruno’s experiment is a gentle creature he names Namba. The doctor owns a huge compound in Northern Mexico. In addition to state of the art living facilities and laboratories the doctor has had a portion of the compound made into a kind of Eden. Heather is to marry Namba and bear his children in this idyllic setting. And so she does.

But in a raid on the compound she’s kidnapped by savage drug runners and is forced to become a whore for the cartel. She’s rescued by the wealthy and powerful Jorge Cruiz, a major world supplier of marijuana and highly respected member of Mexico’s political elite. He belongs to an exclusive group of the world’s richest men. Once a year he is required to find a beautiful young woman and hold an auction. The highest bidder owns her. Among those who come to the auction are the mysterious Japanese Mr. Satomi and the sadistic General Shuka who presides over a huge portion of Nigeria. Heather is sold to the highest bidder for fourteen million dollars.

The real surprise comes later when, without any coercion, Heather decides where and who she wants to be.

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When the young couple emerged from their tent, Sam picked up his rifle and leveled it at them, not holding it to his shoulder, but pointing it from his lap, his index finger on the trigger.?Surprise!? Willy grinned.Tommy pushed Heather behind him and took a step toward the two men. ?I don?t know what you want?? he began. Sam?s finger moved and a burst of bullets tore through the tent. Heather screamed.Willy held up a hand, ?Sam,? he said evenly, ?doesn?t say much. He was in the last war. He?s not exactly right in the head. He gets mad easy and when he?s mad he?d just as soon kill you as not.?Tommy, still keeping Heather behind him, nodded, ?O.K.? he said, ?Please, we aren?t looking for any trouble. Whatever you want, just take it. Please take what you want and we?ll be on our way.??You got wallets?? Willy asked?Yes,? Tommy reached into his pocket.?Toss it here. She got a wallet??Heather nodded, ?In my purse. In the tent.??Get it. Bring the purse.?In a moment, Heather was back. Willy held out his hand, ?That?s a good girl. Now, bring it over here to old Willy.? Hesitantly she approached him holding out the purse. Willy poked Sam, ?See, I told you she don?t wear nothin? under that tee shirt. Look how them little titties bounce.? Tommy took a step forward. Sam moved the rifle slightly. Tommy stopped. Willy emptied both wallets stuffing the bills in his pocket.?You got what you wanted,? Tommy said, ?so is it OK if we go now???Who said we got what we want???The money,? Heather said backing away, ?isn?t that it???Shit!? Willy threw the purse and wallets down, ?We can always get money. There?s a lot more important things than money, right Sam???Yeah, like fuckin?,? Sam said.Tommy stepped up again, ?That?s not going to happen. It?s just not going to happen.? He took Heather?s arm and started to move away. Suddenly, Sam was in front of him and swinging the butt of the rifle, caught Tommy squarely in the mouth. Heather screamed as her husband fell backwards spitting blood and teeth. He lay on the ground moaning, the blood squirting from his smashed lips. Heather sunk to her knees beside him.?Let him alone,? Willy ordered. Sam took a step toward her. She backed away. Willy pointed his rifle at her husband. ?Now, Miss, you do exactly what we say or we?ll kill him. You understand?? She nodded, her eyes wide trying to hold back the tears. Willy watched her closely. ?You know we ain?t talkin? bullshit. We?ll kill him and it won?t mean a fuckin? thing to us.??Yes, I believe you.??Good. Get all your stuff together: backpacks, food, flashlights, clothes, shoes, everything, all of it and pile it up here on top of your purse. Sam?s gonna take down your tent.? He jerked a finger at her husband. ?His name Tommy???Yes,? Heather said. ?Can?t I please help him??Sam had gone back to the donkeys and returned with a shovel.Willy ignored her turning his attention to Tommy, ?Can you hear me, Tommy boy?? Tom grunted. ?Get up. You got work to do. Unless you get to it right away, Sam?s gonna cut off your dick and shove it up your ass.?Tom pushed himself up. When she saw his face, Heather cried out. Bits of his teeth were embedded in the bloody pulp that had been his lips. Blood seeped from his mouth and nose that was broken. The front of his shirt was soaked with it. He staggered to his feet. Willy handed him the shovel. Sam kept his gun pointed at the boy. ?Dig,? Willy said. ?I want a nice deep hole.?Tom began to dig. His legs were trembling. He stopped occasionally to spit out blood and bits of broken teeth. Heather stood by the tent crying. Tears streamed down her face. She held her small balled up fist to her mouth. Willy motioned to her, ?Come over here,? he said. She shook her head. Sam?s rifle exploded. Small stones and dust shot up just inches from Tom?s foot. Heather screamed. Willy nudged Sam, ?The little bitch sure does yell a lot.? He motioned to Heather, ?You shake your head at me again and that piece of shit with the shovel gonna be hoppin? on one leg.?Brushing away the tears with the back of her hand, Heather hesitantly crossed to them but stopped just out of reach. Willy shook his head, ?You wearin? panties?? The color rose to Heather?s cheeks. She nodded. ?Take ?em off,? Willy said.Heather noticed Sam move the rifle so that it pointed at Tom?s feet. She reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. ?Now, you?re learnin?,? Willy said. ?Give ?em to Sam.? Still keeping her distance, she reached out her bikini panties to him. Laughing, Sam lifted them up then pressed the crotch to his nose.?Ahhh, ain?t nothin? smells as good as young pussy!? He handed the panties to Willy.Grinning, Willy sniffed them, ?You got that right. Only thing better than the smell is the taste of young pussy juice.? He crooked a finger at Heather. ?Get over here, bitch.? She glanced at the gun which was still pointed at Tom. Willy parted his legs and pointed between them. Fearfully, Heather stepped closer till she stood before him, her head bowed. ?Now, hike up your skirt and sit your bare ass here,? he pointed to his thigh.Not raising her head she said, ?Please, oh, please, don?t??? All Sam had to do was raise the rifle slightly. Quickly she lifted her skirt and sat.?Now, put your arm around my neck,? Willy said. She looked at Sam who grinned at her and nodded. She put her arm around Willy?s scrawny neck. Willy tapped her knee.?Spread,? he said. ?We want to see your cunt.?Tommy gripped the shovel tighter and started toward them. Sam?s finger pressed the trigger. The bullet hit the shovel blade knocking it out of Tommy?s hands. ?The next one?s gonna blow your fuckin? balls off!? Sam shouted. ?Pick up the fuckin? shovel and dig.? Willy?s claw-like hand rested on Heather?s knee. He squeezed it. Tears coursing down her cheeks, she pulled back her skirt and parted her legs.?Goddamn!? Sam exclaimed, ?this just gets better and better. Her cunt?s shaved bald as a baby?s ass!?Willy laughed and winked at Sam, ?You first,? he said. Grinning, Sam reached across to rub his index finger along Heather?s crease. He did this several times feeling her moisten before sliding it into her. She cried out. Again Tommy? took a step toward them but seeing that Sam still had the gun pointed at him, went back to digging, keeping his head down to avoid looking at them. As Sam?s finger slid in and out of Heather, Willy began to fondle her breasts. Her nipples stiffened. ?I think the little bitch is gettin? hot,? he said.?Yeah, her cunt?s juicin? up real good,? Sam chuckled.?You like what Sam?s doin??? Willy asked. ?You like Sam fingerin? your pussy??Heather shook her head violently, ?No, no, please?please stop,? she pleaded.Willy took her nipple between his thumb and index finger and twisted it causing her to cry out. Still pinching her nipple, he leaned close to her ear, ?Say you like it, bitch. And speak up so?s we can all hear.? He dug his fingernails into her distended nipple.Heather gasped and fought to catch her breath, ?I like it,? she said, ?I like what he?s doing.? A hot wave seemed to travel from her breasts to her crotch. Although she struggled against it, she felt herself becoming more and more aroused. Saying the words made it worse, made it more intense. She could feel an orgasm building.Both Willy and Sam were aware of what was happening. Willy leaned close to her again, ?Ask me to lift up your tee so I can play with your bare titties,? he said.She didn?t respond right away. Willy?s hand moved to her other breast. Sam rubbed her clitoris in a circular motion. Willy pinched her nipple, but gently this time.She felt her breath coming faster. Tommy had stopped digging and was staring at them.She didn?t seem to notice him. ?Say it,? Willy repeated.She looked at Sam and back at Willy, ?Pull it up,? she said, ?pull up my tee.??Then what?? Willy winked across at Sam.?Touch them. Play with my bare?my bare breasts.??Let me see ?em,? Willy said.With her free hand, she pushed the tee up and over her breasts and bowed her head. She watched fascinated as Sam slid his thick middle finger into her. When he withdrew it, he held it up. ?Look at that!? he shouted, ?Drippin? with pussy juice.? Willy was fondling her bare breasts and squeezing her nipples. Sam moved his big hand slightly under her and began teasing her anal opening with his wet middle finger. The size of his hand enabled him to probe her opening while rubbing her clit with his thumb. She felt herself beginning to dissolve into feelings she?d never experienced. It was as if there were just the fingers of these strange, grotesque men touching her nipples and pussy and anus. She whimpered as Sam pushed his middle finger into her anal opening. Willy grinned. ?That?s what you wanted, wasn?t it??She could barely speak. She started to shake her head. Sam lifted his thumb from her clitoris. ?Yes,? she gasped. He began to masturbate her again and move his finger inside her anus. With one hand Willy toyed with her nipples. With his other, he turned her to face him and pulled her head down toward him. Groaning, she pressed her parted lips against his and slid her tongue into his mouth. Sam thrust his thumb into her pussy and buried his finger in her ass as far as it would go. She bucked and humped and cried out over and over. Her orgasm was immediate and violent and lasted a long time. Still trembling and weak she draped both arms around Willy?s neck and leaned her head against his shoulder sobbing uncontrollably.After a few moments, Willy grabbed her hair and forced her to face Tommy who had dropped the shovel and stood watching horrified. ?Tell him to fuckin? dig,? Willy said.Through her tears, Tommy was a wavering blur. ?I?I can?t,? she rasped.


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