Writer’s Guidelines


Subject to change: please write to [email protected]  for any updated information.


Pink Flamingo Media is a small in-house alternative press started in 1994 as Pink Flamingo Publications, and revamped in 2016 to Pink Flamingo Media. We are dedicated to giving both our customers and our authors personal service and attention

All books released as Ebooks (Electronic Books) in four popular formats (PDF, EPub, PRC and MOBI). Our ebooks are sold from our own Ebook websites, and most of our ebooks now appear on at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iBooks (Apple), and a number of other ebook retailers throughout the Internet. We have over 20 base eBook retailers, which also distribute to other companies around the world.

We have a strong Internet presence in the genre of erotic fiction. Our two e-commerce sites:

www.pinkflamingo.com (PF)

www.eroticbooknetwork.com (EBN)

To Publish with Pink Flamingo:

We are seeking quality, first time writers looking to take their first steps in publishing, or previously published authors interested in expanding their horizons and talents into new areas.

We are looking for submissions for the following:

Novels and Short Story Collections (of similarly themed stories) in the following genres:

Bondage/BDSM (Femdom, Maledom), GLBT, Spanking and General Erotica.

Maledom BDSM erotica should include primarily Dominant male characters, and NO graphic scenes depicting men submitting to men or women. Any sort of lesbian (F/f or f/f) content is permissible within these titles.

Femdom BDSM erotica should include primarily Dominant Female characters and male submissives, however graphic scenes with male or female submissives is permissible, as is lesbian content. Some M/m or m/m content is permissible, but should not be a major part of the story. The general action should center on the Dominant Female and submissive male or female characters.

GLBT Lesbian BDSM erotica may include some scenes with submissive males or dominant males. Gay Male storylines may include BDSM, transgender, transsexual and feminization.We are accepting stories in these genres that meet the other basic criteria required for all our titles. Query for any specific content questions.

Story Collections should be either Femdom or Maledom stories, not both.

Spanking novels should include a well-plotted storyline and graphic sex, not simply consist of a series of spanking sessions. Our emphasis in spanking is clearly M/f, although an F/m spanking novels will be considered as well. Spanking fiction may also include other ‘fetish’ content, such as light bondage, submission, exhibitionism, and anal sex.

General Erotica we define as erotica with NO spanking, bondage, D/s etc, (or very light content of this nature). General Erotica should include LOTS of graphic sexual content inside a good story. Plotlines can be as wide and varied as mainstream fiction. Sexual content can include heterosexual, lesbian, gay, or a mix of various. Permissible content can include gangbangs, exhibitionism, public sex, threesomes, anal and oral sex.

Setting: Any time period, historical, contemporary or future is acceptable. We also accept novels with fantasy BDSM societies, SciFi, Vampires, and other paranormal themes.

DO NOT INCLUDE: characters under 18 having sex or in sexual situations, (even in flashbacks), bestiality, incest, excrement, snuff and necrophilia.

Storylines featuring rape, abduction, kidnapping, coercion, breeding females, nonconsensual slave worlds, auctions and prostitution, also drugging, water sports (piss play), diapering and extreme violence will be offered only on our EBN website. Please note that Apple ibooks and Amazon Kindle are not accepting erotic with any of these themes.

If you have any questions on content, please query us with your questions.

For all of our titles, we are looking for provocative and innovative works that speak from your own voice, which show a positive outlook on sexuality no matter what graphic sexuality or taboo you might focus on. The sexual fantasies may range from supremely seductive to very outrageous as they enter into areas of fantasy and sexual exploration. We expect works to include all the elements of good fiction: good stories, characterization and quality writing—particularly a sensuous use of language for your graphic sexual scenes. Graphic content should be varied, not repetitious scene to scene.

These are the criteria on which we review submissions:

  1. Is it erotically arousing? This means the work includes numerous graphic depictions of sexual and/or fetish content.
  2. Would it be a good PF or EBN title based on its content and style? (see above)
  3. Is it well written and cleanly edited?

Final manuscripts should be roughly 30,000—75,000, although some larger manuscripts, up to 250,000 words will be considered. We are accepting no single short stories. No advance will be paid. Royalties are paid monthly at a rate of 40% of the retail or wholesale Ebook price, whichever applies. With strong sales from some of our off-site eBook vendors (Kindle, Barnes & Noble, etc), the top end figure is changing for some particularly popular titles.


Please DO NOT send us an Internet address where we can view your work. Query with the following:

  1. Your name, contact information, pen name.
  2. 250-350 words describing the book. If the manuscript is accepted, this will be used as the back cover description and on all websites. Please put what the book includes (keywords) at the end. Example – Includes: Male domination, bondage, whipping etc. If you have questions regarding how to do this properly, please refer to our books listed on either PinkFlamingo.com or EroticBookNetwork.com. If you are submitting a short story collection, please check other short story collection descriptions.
  3. Prior to sending the manuscript, please check the formatting requirements below as we will be checking this before reading any submissions. If the formatting instructions have not been followed when you send the manuscript, we will send it back asking for it to be fixed.
  4. Please indicate when submitting which category the work belongs: Maledom bdsm, Femdom bdsm, Lesbian, Gay, Spanking or General, consensual or non-consensual.
  5. Information on any previous publication of the work, or portion of the work, you are submitting (if any), plus any other information you feel we need to know.
  6. Hard copy submissions ARE accepted only if you have the manuscript available in digital format. As we are a small, in house publisher, we do not have the time to retype an entire manuscript for you.

While it is certainly permissible to send your submission via snail mail, most submissions are currently sent via email in MS Word or MS Word compatible file attachments. Please remember, we have a large number of submissions to review and we ask for your patience. Feel free to contact Fiona if you have any questions regarding the publication process.

INTERNET AUTHORS PLEASE NOTE: If your work or any part of it has been previously published, or has been or is currently posted to an Internet Website, please let us know when you submit your query. You must have all publishing rights to the work when it’s submitted. We may request that any excerpts of your writing be taken down from websites at the behest of our eBook retailers.

General: In addition to a good well-written story, an attention to grammatical detail will make yours stand out from a crowded field of submissions and draw our attention. We expect cleanly written, edited manuscripts. We do not have the editing staff available for extensive editing, so for the most part manuscripts need to be grammatically correct, checked for spelling, proper punctuation and typos. Any errors we do find on our review of the manuscript will be corrected. Also, we reserve the right to make those editorial changes to the manuscript that we feel are necessary to enhance the quality of the work. Any significant changes we find necessary will be called to the attention of the author.

Strunk & White’s Elements of Style can be used as a general guideline for grammar.

When submitting a book for the first time, please refer to the Smashwords Style Guide, which includes helpful tips and tricks that will make your book truly stand out. It is free to download and explains the techniques for new and old MS Word products. You can find it here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/52

  1. We require a cover page with the title of the book, subtitle (if any), and the author’s name or pen name. If you do not put this information on the front, your book may become confused with others.
  2. In the Paragraph setting in MS Word, please set the Left & Right Indentation at 0, the Special tab to First Line by .3. Do not use tab or spaces when typing your text. If the settings are correct, your document will automatically indent properly. Line spacing for Before & After should be set at 0. Line Spacing should be set at Single. Do not Double Space. If you need assistance with this, try downloading the Smashwords link above for helpful screen shots of these WS Word settings.
  3. Do not double space after the end of a sentence.
  4. In punctuating conversation, use double quotation marks, not single. Then use single quotation marks inside the double quotations when emphasizing a particular work or phrase. (This is opposite of the form used by many English/Canadian publications, but it is standard American form.)
  5. Please do not add Headers, Footers or Page Numbers.
  6. Please use the page break tool at the end of a chapter. Do not hit enter until you get to the next page.
  7. Be sure your manuscript is TEXT only. DO NOT include in the document any images, pictures, tables, graphs or special characters. If you wish to include special characters or images of any sort within the document, please mention this to Fiona prior to submitting your manuscript. The above mentioned items need to be sent separately, not included in the file with your manuscript text. You can indicate within the document where you want the additional items to appear
  8. Be sure you are familiar with the proper punctuation of conversation. We have seen even quality writers fail to get the basic rules correct. We have an easy to use punctuation guide available on both websites.
  9. On acceptance: Email submissions are accepted, with files attached in MS Word (Word 7, 2003 and below), rtf, or compatible files. Or you can send a disk of your work formatted for Microsoft Word (or compatible format). We prefer to have the entire manuscript in ONE file. We use a standard text font, Times New Roman.

To finalize our arrangements, an agreement will be signed between Pink Flamingo and the writer, giving Pink Flamingo Media the sole right to publish the work (both in the print and electronic—Ebook publishing rights) and spelling out the financial arrangements. Generally, new works are published within six months to a year of acceptance. After acceptance, we will send you a “What’s Next” file that will include marketing and publication plans for your novel.

For email submissions, please note: When emailing your submissions, be sure to refer to your work by its title (or working title) in the subject line. i e: ‘Submission: Alexandra’s Awakening’. Due to the numbers of emails that are embedded by computer viruses, we will delete any email without opening it if we do not have adequate identification of its source.

Marketing: Currently, much of our advertising is through the Internet. We encourage the participation of our writers (where possible) in either the marketing of their books to appropriate websites where the kind of erotica they write will be sought after and welcomed, or in suggesting websites they are familiar with that Pink Flamingo can link to. We also have a weekly email newsletter to our on-line customers. Please refer to the “What’s Next” File for more information on how you can help make your book a success!

Submissions sent through regular mail can be sent to:

PF Publications: PO Box 632, Richland, MI 49083

Email: [email protected]

NOTE: Guidelines are subject to change.