Husband to Cuckold… & Worse – ebook



Husband to Cuckold… and Worse! By Clarice Darling

She wants him as her neutered servant. Outrage, as ever, boiled close to the surface of his thoughts and even now, after so many humiliations, he could only marvel that his manhood had been so far reduced he felt unable to give voice to the many indignities and injustices being heaped upon his head on a daily basis. All of which, he now knew with hindsight, the woman sitting above him at her imperious ease had either suggested or introduced. Robert and Gilly have been married for fifteen years – happy years so he thought. Then their life together begins to change out of all recognition when the previously loyal and loving Gilly enlists the help of some like-minded and sexually warped female mentors. Before long, her husband is totally under her control as she becomes the sole ruler of his world. The pussy-whipped Robert will suffer a host of humiliations on his way to becoming a fully cuckolded slave boy, serving his wife’s every whim. Includes cock-caging, CBT, pain, collaring, pussy-licking, analingus, spanking, little-boy/mummy and so much more.

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