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My Wish Was Her Command – ebook


My Wish Was Her Command by Dan Moran

How do you ask your wife of five years that you yearn to be spanked? That your hidden desire is to be dominated by her, while she has never shown any sign of wanting to try it. You’ve talked to her about it a few times in the past, drop hints when you can, even purchased a paddle and a crop. You even go through the trouble of looking up websites with descriptions, pictures and discussions and “accidentally” forget to close the browser so she can see what you’ve been looking at. Not that your marriage isn’t already wonderful, the sex fantastic, but you long for more; you need the pain, the welts, the excitement of being controlled.

After careful consideration, Justine finally comes to accept her husband’s need to be dominated. She treads lightly at first to make sure it’s what he really wants by trying out light spanking at first. Justine is astounded by her husband’s reaction to his first spanking, but quickly moves onto a swift paddling. It seems to be exactly what he’s been searching for, and she is eager to please him.
As Justine starts researching more websites concerning d/s, spanking and bondage, she finds like-minded people. Some just starting out and others that have years of experience. When she mentions this to her husband, he is giddy at the prospect that she wants to take more control of him. Justine goes on a shopping spree to add even more excitement to their sexual escapades, and buys all sorts of toys to tease and titillate her husband. A collar, ball gag, cuffs, and links attached to the floor and ceiling in their bedroom to bind him are just the start.

While perusing through her websites, Justine starts posting photographs of their sessions online, and meets Diane, a stunning Domme with years of experience in the BDSM world who agrees to help Justine and her husband with their adventures. After meeting Diane, both being highly attracted to her, they agree to invite her to the house to take better photographs and maybe join in on the fun. The couple cannot wait to see where their sexual journey will take them when she finally arrives.

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