In-cor-ri-gible: Impervious to Constraints – ebook



In-cor-ri-gible: Impervious to Constraints by Mamie Anne Adams

This is Lucille Carmichael’s story and her love of no-barriers fucking. Her personal journey follows her through business and pleasure from Hawaii and San Francisco to Greece and France. And back.

All the while nurturing and growing her love of life and her wild, exuberant, untamed self. Discovering her preference for the finesse of older experienced men, a surprise inheritance also springboards her into entrepreneurship and tremendous success.

Beginning in her early 20s Lu meets Kostas Papadiamantopoulos, architect and builder, on the Greek island project. After receiving a gift of special intimate jewelry from former boss Walter Whitlock while in Paris, her own designs become a business endeavor with Cartier. Veuve Clicquot flows, Valentino couture appears along with private jets, expensive cars, and photo shoots at Le Meurice. Rare family jewels are repurposed for her. Lu’s remaining aunt passes away leaving her an old Victorian mansion, a former bordello, in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights. Weekends are often spent hosting soirees upstairs on the mansion’s restored third floor or at Lord Sil’s Sonoma vineyard. The combination of her loves, a passionate lifestyle, business endeavors, and the old house develop into parties and sexual scenes which are graphic.

The characters visit locations around the world including Hawaii, Greece, Paris, the Caymans, and San Francisco. Never alone for long, she finds interested men at every stop along the way.

Includes Sex, tits, older men, fucking, Paris, Greece, San Francisco, intimate jewelry, dancing, high heels, nude, piercings, Champagne, bustiers, apparel, clit, ejaculation, love, romance, cumming, Greek, billionaire, beach, running, Cayman, blonde, businessman, date, cock, Pacific Heights, thong, twenties, entrepreneur, shaved

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He turned toward her. “I have Champagne.” His smile matched hers. Eyes now on her lips. Feeling encouraged he added, “And I live right up the hill.”

He was right, they walked there in five minutes. Arm in arm. They entered a classic old Plaka home and stood at the entry. Lu blinked as she looked around. Every wall in every direction was lined with art. Some she thought she recognized from books.

With “I’ll just be a minute,” he disappeared around the corner, down the stairs.

Lu walked forward and spelled out a word on the first painting. “M-A-T-I-S-S-E,” aloud. Next two, “Picasso.”

Stefanos came back up, a small blanket draped across his arm. Bubbly and flutes on a tray. “Pick where you want to sit.”

“Outside,” Lu’s immediate reaction.

Upstairs they went and out through glass doors. They were looking nearly straight across at the Acropolis. He had the best view she could ever imagine. “Pop!” went the cork. She could hear the fizz as two glasses were filled. He handed her the throw. “Here. It can get chilly.” She stepped out of her shorts and pulled off her top, reaching for it.

“Wait,” he cautioned. Putting his hand up. “I want to remember so I can draw you.”

She walked toward him, nipples stiff in the cool night air. “You, Stefanos, will have plenty more time to see me like this.” And she reached for his belt. As his pants fell to the floor, Lu was treated to her second Greek surprise. The men are hung. And his was getting thick, coming up. As if reaching out to her.

He leaned in toward her breasts. Nuzzling, then mouthing. “Megaloprepis!” he said. Straightening up to kiss her. He lifted her up, arms around his neck. He stepped back to sit on the lounge with her straddling him. Mouths wide. Tongues seeking. His breath was becoming short as he took his cock and stroked it up and down in between her legs. Guiding it, seeking her clit. As she gasped, he put his hand there instead. Wet now from the both of them, he flicked it, then gave it a pinch. Flicked it, then shoved his big middle finger deep inside her girl hole. Then back out to give her clit a wiggle. Lu’s head was thrown back, lost in the sensation. His mouth became frantically locked on her tits. He pumped her hard nipples with his tongue. Swallowing. A chuckle of pleasure deep in his throat. Then he eased her back on the lounge. Stepping aside to remove the rest of his clothing. She watched.

A fit older man. Minor dab of chest hair. And that stunning cock, now standing straight up, ooze of pre-cum on the tip. Then he was back down on her and started to slide it in. Tit in his mouth, he pulled his cock out in a tease. Then a shove, back in. He pulled it out and leaned down, seeking her clit with his tongue. Wiggling at it, then sucking.

The sound began low in her throat. Legs on his shoulders as he continued to suck. Lu’s voice rang out into the still night. In her time of passion. An aria he wasn’t expecting. High clear notes. Straining higher. She was singing her aria of orgasm. He put his cock where his mouth had just been. Her girl cum coated him. Her smell in the air. In he shoved. This time with the force of need. Pulling out. Then in. Again. He was pumping. Breathing hard. And with a shudder, she could feel him exploding inside her. Shooting sparks against her back wall with a flood. She was full up with his erection. Their goo flowed out. As he fell on her.

She would return the favor. But first, recovery time. He was on his back. She laid down on top of him. Then rolled over, her back to his front. Spoons. The throw spread over them both.

With his one free arm he pointed up to the sky. “There is Venus. That’s you. Your planet. Love, beauty, desire, sex. Mm-huh! Mmmmmm!” were his words. “That over there is Mercury. That’s me. Luck, trickery, eloquence, and cool sandals. There are many seductions going on up there.”

She snuggled in deeper. “Some nights the Milky Way really lights up,” awe in his voice.

He smoothed her hair back. “Lu. Lu,” whispering into her ear. Their hearts were in rhythm. Breathing together.

He began stroking. Her silky skin drew him. She felt him awaken against her. “Lu.” His hands on her arms. Neck. Breasts. Then thumbing. Pushing them together. Hands cupping. Then a pinch. She felt him rising.

“You lift me up,” into her ear. Followed by his tongue. Probing as he had earlier down lower. Chewing on her lobe. On he grew. He was reconciling with the thought. He must make room in his life for her. She moved him. Their attraction had been immediate.

Up she pointed. Into the sky. Now her turn. “That is you. A ram. Your planet. Likes humping. Pumping.” She laughed. It filled the night air. High and clear. People walking on the street below looked up. Moving her arm, pointing to the right, “That is me. The maiden. Innocent. Sweet.”

He tickled her. In a flash she turned around, long legs grasping him. Leaning in to kiss him. Her breasts together. Full. Swinging forward. A sight he would never forget. He thumped against her. Leaning in she guided a tit into his mouth, he bit her nipple. The jolt of it was electric. She leaned back and squeezed them together. Then leaned in again. Toward him. His tongue was out. Waiting. She teased him. In, then drawing back. He grabbed her back and crushed her to him.

Rare lightning bugs were out that night. Keravnous. One came down and landed in her hair. Lu was magic. It followed her. “Oh, Lu.” He took it onto his finger. Showing her. “You are so lovely.” He would never be the same.

She was unnerving. Pathiasmenos. Passionate. There would be no quitting when it came to her. His appetite. He wanted to consume her. He had been waiting for her.

As he grew again, she fell on it. Licking around his entire swollen head. Then flicking her tongue into his hole. A giggle escaped through her fingers. He tasted salty. His face lit up, soaring high. Gripping her head to rock her down on him, then pulling her mouth back out. Her pulse pounded. His eyes flashed in shock of her suck. His hot fingers singed her skin. Stroking a finger up and down her cheek. Bulging now with his cock inside. She fingered his balls lightly. Then gave them a squeeze. Her mouth up and down the outside of his rigid erection, tonguing the veins. Then back plunging down on it. Climbing up on his lap, she began to ride him. She twitched her cunt to encourage him. “My secret,” she whispered. Pushing against him, positioning him where she wanted him most. He stared down, admiring. Increasing his thrusts, she leaned back. He fingered her slippery clit, then entered her again. Her nose flared as her arias of orgasm began. Calling his name. He pounded into her. With an inner shudder she hit her high peak. She continued her spasms. Tightening, then loosening around his cock. With it, his eruption built.

The language he used was ungentlemanly. Pleading with her. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me Lu.” A magic carpet ride on his cock.

Later she helped him inside to bed. That same spectacular Acropolis view was directly out his bedroom window. Lu stepped into the lavatory and had herself a quick snoop. Then gave a whispered prayer of thanks. No girl stuff. Nowhere, none. A razor. Men’s after shave. The towels were a dark navy blue. One robe swung on the back of the bathroom door. His masculine scent in the air. Her relief in this was tremendous. When she crawled into bed next to him, his breaths were the even ones of sleep. The time difference hit Lu. She was no longer sleepy. Nope. Not at all.


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