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Wendy’s Story by J. A. Smith

Wendy is a pretty, twenty-something with an eye-catching figure. Her Air Force dad has raised her to be tough and take care of herself. She dabbles in naughty sexual adventures and is more than excited when her bisexual girlfriend, Debbie, seduces her, teaching her about sex toys and how to pleasure a woman. While she may be addicted to cock, now she’s addicted to pussy, too!

When she meets Scott at her favorite western bar, she thinks he could be more than just a Friday night fuck. The two date for the next three years, but not exclusively. He takes her to a nudist resort, where Wendy sees more cock in thirty-seconds than she had seen in the previous twenty-six years. While Scott becomes her beer-drinking, cowboy buddy, Wendy is still unsure if her feelings for him are really love 

Then, just as their relationship starts to heat up, she meets John, a handsome, dignified, champagne drinking, professional. She’s immediately smitten, and her love life more complicated! It’ll take a show down between her two lovers at the Wrangler Bar for Wendy to decide which man she truly loves. 

Graphic erotica including nudity, exhibitionism, fem/fem, pubic, group and anal sex, forced rimming, submission, domination, and swinging.



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