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In The Forest of the Night by Lizbeth Dusseau

Historical 1920’s Erotic Romance. Living with a stuffy old uncle in his grand estate house, Isabella is looking for excitement to spice up her boring life. She gets just that when William Sage, the handsome caretaker of the estate, catches her masturbating naked in her private sanctuary in the woods. Isabella is dreadfully embarrassed—as a proper young woman should be. And yet, she’s drawn to this man in a most alarming way given his intimidating and arresting manner. It doesn’t help that he seems determined to seduce her. What’s an innocent virgin to do with this terrible longing he’s provoked in youthful body?

It’s not long before Will Sage has his way with the naïve Isabella, taking the young beauty for the deflowering she’s fantasized about far too long. No longer the virgin, her racy sexual education begins in the hands of a dominating lover, who’s well-versed in the art of making love, and adept at turning her into a willingly obedient lover.

Sadly, however, all is not happily-ever-after for Will and Isabella. When she shows up at his cottage with plans for a sexy afternoon together, her scheme backfires. She finds that Will is not at home, and waits for him in his bed, masturbating as naughtily as she was when he first found her in the woods. Unfortunately, it’s not just Will that walks through his door. Her unsuspecting uncle is at her lover’s side. It doesn’t take long for him to realize where his niece has been spending her time and with whom. In the wake of this shocking revelation, Will is banished from the estate, leaving Isabella to fend for herself in the polite and pretentious realm of English society. She quickly learns that there’s nothing polite about her uncle’s world but a thin veil of propriety. It’s a most deviant arena where arrogant and distasteful men take advantage of her passionate nature, and then shamelessly destroy her reputation. Ruined, her only hope is to find the man she lost, but she has no idea where to begin her search.

This sizzling romance includes D/s sexuality, some light bondage and spanking, and lots of graphic, high-spirited and sensuous sex.


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