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Drusilla and Luxor: Slave Girls in Roman Britain by Justine Johns

The moment eighteen-year-old Tibullus sees Drusilla and Luxor in the slave market, he knows he has to have them. He’s dreamed of girls like these two beauties. His first few months of ownership are ecstasy beyond belief, with all his fantasies come true. He can indulge in every breath-taking thing he has ever imagined! In time, he learns new, bolder things to do beyond what he’s already done. He borrows his friend’s slave girl, along with the “love chair” from a visiting trader to add to the exciting possibilities. Yet, there are some strange mysteries taking place in his erotic world and with these slave girls. Why do British tribesmen come close to his villa whenever the girls are around? He seems to know so little about the girls, regardless of what they tell him. And the artifacts? The girls behave so differently in their presence. And why do other people see them so differently than he does? Tibullus wants answers, and undertakes a voyage to discover the true world behind his peculiar slave girls. Historical erotica with male domination, masters, slave girls, slave auction, orgies, spanking and graphic sex.


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The trader was a short man who seemed to have a professional twinkle in his eye. He was shown in to the reception room and came straight towards Tibullus, who was waiting together with his father and a number of slaves.

“Well now, are you the young man?” he asked. “Oh yes, you look a red-bloodied young Roman citizen!” He winked. “What I have for you is going to have your wildest desires brought true. Ho ho, take a look at this young man!” Two slaves followed him in, carrying the love-chair, though at first it looked flat, with arm rests and a head rest.

“Looks an enigma at first sight eh young man?” the trader said, gesturing at the contraption. He guffawed. “Watch while it’s set up.”

Tibullus would have been very irritated by the man’s manner in other circumstances, though as it was he was more embarrassed by his father’s presence. He’d hoped his father wouldn’t take any interest and wouldn’t be here, but in his gruff way his father was obviously very interested indeed.

The trader’s slaves stooped over the chair and turned a handle. The head-rest swivelled upwards, clicked, and was locked into a position almost upright.

“Now to demonstrate this most fantastically erotic invention we need a couple to pretend to be using it,” the trader said, and guffawed again. “Right lads,” he said to his slaves. “Release.” The slaves pulled the handle, and the chair pushed back to horizontal.

“A dignified young gentleman like you won’t want to try it until alone,” the trader went on. “So may I suggest we bring in your slave girl and one other slave of your choosing?”

“I’ve got two slave girls,” Tibullus said.

“Two girls!” the trader cried. “My oh my, now here’s a young man who knows what he likes! My my, the pleasure you’ll get from this chair will seem like you’ve entered the kingdom of the gods!”

“Well shall I call them?” Tibullus asked tartly.

“If you please sir. Two girls means we can demonstrate it with one girl doing what she will be doing, and the other playing the role of your good self.”

Drusilla and Luxor were called. They came in silently.

“Oooh!” Inevitably the trader acted up to the sight of them. “Now this young gentleman has taste, he really has taste! Well now girls, you are going to demonstrate a device which is designed to give your master a very great deal of pleasure. So let’s start by having you in the nuddy.”

Drusilla and Luxor looked at Tibullus. “Yes all right,” Tibullus said. “Strip off.”

They undressed, laying their clothes neatly in a corner, came forward and stood nude facing the assembly. Tibullus gulped at the sight, and everyone else was visibly stirred.

“My word, my word!” the trader clowned. “I have to work hard to make my living, but my word I get compensations! Come forward to the chair girls, and stand in front of it.

“One of you is to lie flat on the chair,” the trader then instructed. “Head this way.” He pointed to the head-rest. “This is how your master will get onto the chair.”

“Luxor, take my position,” Tibullus told her. Luxor climbed onto the chair, displaying all of her rear and then all her lower regions as she did so, causing loud murmurs from the audience. She lay down on the chair, facing upwards.

“Now this other girl, climb onto the chair and kneel on the arms.” The trader pointed to the upper arms, and helped Drusilla climb onto them. Drusilla too flaunted all of herself as she did so, causing more murmurs. Tibullus felt intense pride and gratitude at his girls for the status they were giving him, the owner of such beauties and able to show them off at will.

“Take the weight of your upper half on the arm-rests,” the trader went on. He helped Drusilla fold over Luxor, so that her crucial place was above Luxor’s face, her bottom raised up in the air as an almost unbearable enticement to everyone, and her face looking down onto Luxor’s mound and slit.

The slaves who were watching had put their hands to their mouths. Tibullus’s father gave loud cackles; taking that as permission all the slaves burst into incredulous laughter. The trader grinned, and put a hand on Drusilla’s bent-over bottom and moved it around.

“Please don’t handle them,” Tibullus said quickly. He had kept them exclusively his own so far, and wasn’t having an impertinent trader spoiling it.

“Only a joke sir, of course I wouldn’t handle your property without permission. However a little help from a third party will be needed for the next stage.”

“It needs three people?”

“Exactly what you’ll have sir! Your good self on the chair, the girl you’ve chosen getting on top, your other girl winding the chair into position.”

There was more laughter from the audience.

“Right lads, wind the chair!” the trader cried triumphantly.

A slave wound the handle, and the top half of the chair was raised. Everyone gazed as Drusilla was doubled over, her weight on the arm-rests, a thigh on each of Luxor’s shoulders and the area between her legs against Luxor’s face. Her bottom was parted with her legs dangling downwards, and her face on Luxor’s crucial place.

Whoops and shrill laughter came from the audience. Drusilla and Luxor were at their most deadpan, but everyone else was making a lot of noise except Tibullus, who sat red-faced with a tremendous erection visible through his tunic.

The trader, grinning broadly, stood behind the end of the chair and gazed into Drusilla’s bottom. “Push that bum-bum a little higher darling!” he yelled through the noise. “Wow! What a beautiful sight eh gents?”

He then shouted, “Let’s complete the demonstration darlings! Girl on the chair, put your tongue into you-know-where on your friend, and use your hands on her bum-bum! Come on, come on, tongue in, and let’s see you fondling that lovely bum-bum!”

Luxor put her tongue into the slit between Drusilla’s legs, raised her arms and fondled her bottom. “More!” the trader cried. Luxor moved her tongue in and out, rubbing her face against the crucial area, kneaded Drusilla’s bottom with her hands, parted the cheeks wider and ran the side of her hand up and down inside the crevice.

“And you girl! Open your mouth where it’s resting, because you will have a certain excited part of your master in that sexy little mouth!” Drusilla opened her mouth.

The audience watched noisily. When it died down the trader said,

“Well now sir, you’ll agree that for an invention like this, which I put so much time and effort into perfecting, a thousand denarii is a very reasonable price.”

They soon agreed on a price of eight hundred and fifty denarii.

The chair was wound down, and Drusilla and Luxor got off and stood breathlessly. It occurred to Tibullus it had been inconsiderate the leave them in their position on the chair for so long. It had only been a bargaining aid to the trader.

“That’s the loveliest couple I’ve seen for a long time!” the trader said. “You’re a very lucky young man.”

“You can go now,” Tibullus said to the girls. “I’ll see you later.” He regretted the words immediately, because everyone roared with laughter.



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